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Geopolitical Expert: The Coming Financial Crisis Is ‘Going To Be A Bloodbath’

Charles Nenner, a geopolitical expert, and financial cycle analyst says the coming financial crisis will see the DOW Jones at 5,000. Nenner went on to say that it’s going to be “very bad,” yet he remains “dollar positive.”

Nenner, who appeared in an interview with USA Watchdog’s Greg Hunter said the coming financial crisis will be “Very bad. I called for Dow Jones 5,000, and I still call for Dow Jones 5,000…. It’s going to be a bloodbath, but as I said the last time, in the 1990’s when the Dow was 5,000, the world still looked okay.”

“The mainstream media talking heads are telling you to buy, but never tell you to sell,” Nenner says.
He added that the time to sell stocks is getting close and explains:

“It’s just a hopeless situation. I feel sorry for people who invest their money. We have had a nice ride, but soon the whole thing will come tumbling down. They listen to all these things and have no clue on how to invest ….

“I think soon… this will become the longest expansion in financial history…. So, this could be the longest expansion ever, what are you playing with? You are gambling with nonsense. So, it’s over.”

Nenner goes on to say:

“Then, you have the inflation story. The inflation story is brought about by people who don’t do their historical homework. They remember for the last 30 years, there was always inflation. So, they continue to talk about inflation.

“I proved that in most of the financial history that deflation is the norm…. They have talked about inflation for two years, and there is still no inflation…. Copper is going down. Crude is going down, and we have a deflation problem, not an inflation problem.”

When asked about whether or not a big debt reset is coming, Nenner says, “The last time we were in this situation was when Roosevelt was President. It was very interesting because they paid off only 25% on the dollar because the inflation that came.

Now, the problem is if you don’t have inflation, you still owe the whole amount of money. This is why they urgently need this inflation.

So, the value of the money goes down, and you have to pay off less. There is no inflation. So, it is a big problem, but they can keep this going forever. I don’t think it’s a problem because countries can keep printing money as long as they want.”

The other huge concern is a big cycle Nenner has been seeing and is the so-called “war cycle.” Nenner says, “The next four or five years in this war cycle is very dangerous.” But on gold and silver, Nenner is bullish, but “not until after this summer.”