How Bankers Have Slowly Manipulated the U.S. Government Towards Establishing A Totalitarian State

Why Bankers Manipulate Governments

History reveals that wealthy families long ago discovered out how profitable financing wars could be. The Rothschild fortune was established once Nathan Meyer Rothschild managed to build a network of spies so that he could receive early information of war reports which would give him insider info.

He used the early news of Wellington’s victory over Napoleon at Waterloo to make a killing in the market and establish his family’s banking fortunes.

In our modern era mega corporations, big banking cartels and secret shadow organizations have also discovered that it is easier — and much more profitable — if you can manipulate governments into fighting unnecessary wars from which they could reap unconscionable profit and build immense personal wealth.

It is well documented that profiteering bankers have enabled virtually every war by financing both sides of all the modern military conflicts.

In the case of America, we were seduced and pushed into almost all of our wars by those who were destined to profit most from those conflicts. This happened because they learned how to control the government by gaming the system through clandestine trickery.

Three of the most powerful means used by men of wealth to control the United States have been the power of the press, the business of spying and false flag events.

The American press and its intelligence services have consistently protected the profits of corporations while manipulating public opinion. The Spanish-American War was ignited through the use of yellow journalism and false flag events designed to arouse public opinion against Spain (“Remember the Maine, the Hell with Spain”).

During World War 1 special interests manipulated Woodrow Wilson into abandoning isolationism and pushing us to fight an unpopular war through a tremendously successful advertising campaign “to make the world safe for democracy.”

The lessons of how government can manipulate the public during this era were later studied by Goebbels and used to enslave Nazi Germany. The First World War was immensely profitable for special interests; and the Second was twice as profitable as the first.

The Rule of Shadows — The Psychology of Powerdocumentary below is a must view. It presents an excellent overview of how bankers have manipulated governments and their citizens by learning the skills to control and alter public opinion:

The media and propaganda techniques they use on us are so powerful; they have been studied by one government after another in an effort to control the thoughts and seduce its citizens into compliance with their wishes.

The problem of course is that the purposes of the state are never in the best interests of the people who they are supposed to be serving. So it is vitally important for us to know what kind of kool-aid they’re offering us.

We know that since its inception, the FBI has attempted to control the public by snooping on, wiretapping, burglarizing, infiltrating, and discrediting many citizens it concluded were enemies of the state. These actions are not exceptions to the rule; they are the rule. This abuse of power has been carefully documented by independent researchers — and it continues even more blatantly today.

The FBI recently executed an uncooperative friend of the accused Boston bombing suspects. That event was definitely another false flag event to create public sentiment against arms. This suspect was in their custody, and after he had been executed, they agency had the audacity to hide their investigation, refusing to even name the agent who shot the victim.

American foreign intelligence has even worse. It has flagrantly exceeded its mandate to protect us by inciting local conflicts, overthrowing legitimate democratic regimes and bankrolling some of the world’s most vicious dictators.

Through all of this the American people bought into the propaganda that we simply do not engage in such actions and that we are not the kind of people who believe in torture or assassinations.

Yet now we learn the US has black detention sites all over the world and that we export both torture and murder.

The CIA has made a strong argument to the world that America is not the world’s policeman, but the world’s bully. We’ve carried out assassinations and illegal drone attacks in numerous countries, arousing incredible hostility against the US throughout the world.

When the Soviet Union fell apart, it seemed that the US had run out of enemies. Our intelligence services openly discussed their need to kill a large number of its own citizens, to create a new Pearl Harbor so to speak, so that public opinion would be aroused against a new Middle Eastern enemy in order to support the government’s agenda.

What followed was the ultimate of all false flags, the 911 attacks. This attack was meticulously planned, well scripted and broadcast live by a sympathetic and controlled media, and they mesmerized the world. I remember being amazed to so quickly see a list of all the hijackers — with photographs — within a short period of time.

What an unbelievable job the FBI did on finding all those terrorists so quickly, especially considering that they had no videos showing the hijackers even entering the various airports, and no passenger manifests with any of their names upon them.

It is even more amazing when you discover that many of those 19 hijackers are still alive today. No wonder they came up with that list so quickly.

Adolf Hitler said in Mein Kampf, “In the size of the lie there is always contained a certain factor of credibility, since the great masses of the people… will more easily fall victim to a great lie than to a small one.”

Days after the attack the administration produced the 342 page Patriot Act. The Act imposed upon the public a series of draconian restrictions against our liberties, the imposition of the TSA, and soon a whole new Nazi style bureaucracy called the Homeland Insecurity Department was unleashed upon America.

The attacks also justified two new military adventures in Afghanistan and later in Iraq which cost millions of lives but which were very profitable to the banking interests (so what else matters)!

So 911 became the cause to mint a new conflict. The War on Terror was ushered in as a permanent state of war psychosis, which has bludgeoned Americans into accepting the ceaseless search for internal and external enemies.

Fear became the new norm, causing us to accept the trampling of our rights and freedoms for the illusion of safety. Ask yourself, has our government made us any more safe through all of this? Not hardly.

Any government that participates in such crimes against its own people has become a rogue totalitarian state. And a T-State needs a climate of constant conflict and endless war so that it can cow the public into submissiveness as their cherished liberties are crushed under the boot of their “protectors.”

Government officials who demand blind acceptance of whatever the despots decree have themselves been seduced into a form of collective irrationality.

This is the way a totalitarian government functions. The government creates and promotes highly reported “attacks” upon its own country which it then immediately blames on some entity. Then it uses the attacks as an excuse for military and civilian incursions.

When citizens question these false flag events, wondering who the real culprits are behind the scenes, they are immediately marginalized and labeled as disloyal. Dissent is then criminalized. The real truth of the T-State’s full agenda is always shrouded and hidden from public view — until it is too late.

After the Snowden revelations, we know more about what many suspected, that our government has engaged in spying crimes against its own people that rival Orwell’s Big Brother. The United States has become a collective peeping tom of the worst kind.

The government goons read your bank and electronic medical records, they know what your kids post on Facebook and Instagram, they collect all of your emails and text messages, track your movements through GPS cellphones and license plate readers. And what do they do with all of this data? They store it all in perpetuity for a rainy day.

Totalitarian systems always run under a perverted logic. The secrecy spies don’t gather information to solve crimes. It is collected for the purpose of having it readily available for whenever the government needs to arrest any particular person or category of people.

The State needs all your emails, phone conversations, web searches and movements for “evidence” should it decide one day that you pose a threat and need to be eliminated. This system of mass surveillance is designed to keep bureaucrats in power and the rest of us in shackles.

If you think you’re innocent and have nothing to hide, think again. All of this intelligence gathered on private citizens can and will often be used for blackmail.

If there is any dirt or sin in your life, the state wants to know about it. They’ll use that knowledge against anyone who opposes their established order. Think IRS audits, FBI investigations, governmental lawsuits and imprisonment.

In the T-State, justice and truth are irrelevant. We’re no longer subject to lady liberty who was an innocent blind-eyed judge. That lady is as dead as all her cold statues adorning courts around the country.

Instead, we now face a wrathful judicial system ready and willing to trample and enslave its subjects no matter how simple the offense might be.

Those who are drunk with this power will never willfully give it up. They are awash with multiple billions of your taxpayer dollars funding myriads of super computer systems with bio sensors, scanners and face recognition, and miniature drones.

Despite promises to reign the beast in, the T-State has no such plans as it continues to perfect its all-consuming intrusions into our lives.

In reality, any state that has the ability to inflict this kind of dominance over its citizens will never give it up. And such a state is definitely no longer free. It doesn’t matter if it is not yet utilizing the full capacity of its coercive might. It will unleash that beast when its time has fully come.

All those who wield unchecked power become delusional, imagining that the State answers to no one and that it can replace God himself. Unlimited power utterly corrupts.

While an omnipresent surveillance state creates a climate of paranoia and fear for its citizens, it sprouts in the minds of its mini despotic rulers like a pernicious fungus of sheer evil of those who serve at its altar. It empowers psychopathic personalities to freely act out all their depraved actions against other humans without worry of retribution.

Even when fully in power, totalitarian states always present two realities: the dark evil that lurks under the surface, and the carefully crafted public persona. In the T-State, civil liberties are deleted. There are no longer any legal checks on absolute power.

Secret state police bodies operate without limits outside the limits of higher laws or statutes. The state can convict its citizens with secret evidence in secret courts; it can strip its victims of due process, detain them, torture and even execute them at the whim of some petty criminal.

The T-State serves as judge, jury and executioner. Yet at the same time, this totalitarian state will attempt to maintain the outward facade of democracy, with competing political parties, token elections, well written laws and judicial oversight which are all only superficial theatrics.

In a totalitarian state, the masses are told what they want to hear, but the reality is always quite different. The T-State attempts to lull the public while subjecting them to arbitrary laws and regulations, random searches and warrantless arrests. To resist this illegality is quickly labeled as a crime itself. The police and internal security become omnipotent.

All those who challenge the abuses of power or expose the crimes carried out by the State, are deemed to be criminals. Totalitarian states always inverts the moral order. The wicked rule while the just are damned.

The Current State of the United States

What I have shared with you here is the current state of the United States. This is already our reality. Even though the last nail has not been officially hammered into the coffin, the State is speeding towards marshal law.

Whatever false flag event or excuse that they use, when the time of their choosing comes, they will lock down the Internet, arrest dissidents, and attempt to systematically disarm and enslave the American people.

I highly recommend that you also take a look at my article entitled Why Are They Trying to Kill You? That article will give you a very good overview of the eugenics background that dominates the totalitarian One World Government agenda.

At every level, the governments of the United States and Britain (and most of the other western nations) are attempting to dumb us down.

They don’t care if they kill us and in fact they are putting all sorts of poisons in our drinking water and our food and into our jjabs. There goal is to so drug us that we simply can’t fight back to see what it is that they are really doing to us.

Don’t fantasize that any political party whether he be a rational libertarian or conservative will be able to rise up and save the country from the full imposition of this totalitarian system that is being incrementally delivered to us.

The situation in the United States and in many other western countries has reached the tipping point where there can only be only one of two ends. Either we will end up with total absolute dictatorial rule, or we will have a citizen’s revolt. I see no middle ground.

The freedom of the press is not really free without the ability of reporters to protect the confidentiality of those who have the moral courage to make public the abuse of power.

Those few individuals inside government (like Snowden) who have dared to speak out against the system of mass surveillance have been charged as spies under the espionage act or hounded into exile.

We simply cannot trust those who hold power to reform. It is pure naiveté to think their purpose is just or right or in our best interests. We no longer have an independent judiciary.

An attorney who argued two cases against the US Government (and lost on technicalities), has stated that our laws have been stripped of their meaning and the courts are now protecting the government against the rights of the people.

The legal system, like our legislative system has collapsed. It has made every freedom unlawful, and every constitutional violation of our rights to now be “the new rule of law.” Everything from indefinite detention, to torture, to wholesale surveillance, to killing Americans without a trial and due process is all at the whim of our government.

Ask yourself, what can possibly be used to stop this runaway government? Be fully convinced that you cannot trust the system to reform itself. No upcoming election will make a difference or turn the tide. Snowden’s revelations made SOME of us conscious, but as George Orwell wrote in 1984, “Until they become conscious, they will never rebel.”

Societies such as ours are often the most easily seduced into totalitarianism because those who apply their totalitarian structure continue to pay lip service to the ideal practices and forms of our system even while they are fully engaged in the process of destroying it.

Thomas Paine described despotic governments as a fungus growing out of a corrupt civil society. And this is what has happened to us.

No one is free who lives under constant surveillance, who is subject to detention anywhere and at any time, whose conversations, messages, meetings, proclivities and habits are recorded, stored and analyzed.

Yet the state assures us that our rights are sacred, that it abides by the will of the people, and that the fourth amendment remains intact. They claim that our system is still ruled with the consent of the governed.

The defense of liberty which Snowden exhibited when he cast his fortune, safety and his life aside to inform the public of the forces arrayed against our constitutional rights entails grave risks. It demands personal sacrifice.

Snowden has called us to this sacrifice. He has allowed us to see who we are and what we have become. He has given us a chance. He has also shown us the heavy cost of defiance. It is up to us to seize this chance and dismantle the corporate state.

This means removing from power those who have stolen our liberty and lied to us. It means in naively trust in their cosmetic reforms.

Reforms will never come from those who are complicit in these crimes. Reform will only come, through the building of mass movements and alternative centers of power that can overthrow this corporate state.

The world’s only hope comes through rebellion, by building mass movements that threaten the totalitarian centers of power. Any rebellion will require not just physical courage, but ultimately moral courage. Physical courage is not the same as moral courage. Very few of even the bravest warriors have moral courage.

Because moral courage means to defy the crowd. To stand up as a solitary individual, to shun the intoxicating embrace of comradeship and to be disobedient to authority even to the risk of your life, all for a higher principle.

With moral courage comes persecution. The American army pilot Hugh Thompson had moral courage. He landed his helicopter between a platoon of US soldiers and ten terrified Vietnamese civilians during the Mai Li massacre. He ordered his gunner to fire on the advancing US soldiers if they began to shoot the villagers.

For this act of moral courage, Thompson, like Edward Snowden, was hounded and reviled. Moral courage always looks like this. It is always defined by the State as treason. The army attempted to cover up the massacre and court martial Thompson.

Moral courage is the courage to act and speak the truth. Thompson had it. Daniel Ellsberg had it. Malcolm X had it; Martin Luther King had it. Snowden has it. If we fail to sever these chains now, we will become like so many in past civilizations who failed to rise up in time to save their civil societies from becoming human chattel.

This means we to must defy this new excuse for the law—which is in direct contradiction to our US Constitution—and engage in civil obedience to those laws which attempt to eliminate the power which our Constitution specifically gives us.

While this will be labeled “disobedience” by our illegitimate government, it is not truly disobedience. A government who can justify illegally killing its own citizens has definitely stepped over the line into totalitarianism.

Don’t be fooled by those in power and their claims of working on our behalf. They will not save us. We can only save ourselves with God’s power on our side. We are the people that our country has been waiting to hear from.

We must find, like Snowden, the moral and physical courage to tear down the structures that enslave us. Appealing to these governmental structures is a waste of time.

And all those who insist that we be patient, that we trust the system, to reform itself are merely singing in the rain before the deluge of the flood comes to sweep us all away. So get serious because there is very little time left before our country becomes “the late great” United States of America.