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Our Lives Are Manufactured from the Cradle to the Grave

Our lives are manufactured from the cradle to the grave. Our parents have been brain washed by society and the media. We have also been brain washed by society and the media.

We are constantly being led in certain directions. Directions the powers that shouldn’t be want us to go. We are treated like sheep, we are manipulated and controlled.

Whichever way they want us to think they will find a way. They produce stories, situations and spread them throughout the mainstream media outlets, then they sit back and smile at how clever they are.

They can instigate riots, demonstrations, anger and huge waves of emotions. Their favourite emotion is fear. They love it when we are fearful and anxious. They manufacture situations specifically for their own agenda. Most major terrorist events are manufactured to frighten humanity to think and respond in a certain way.

Our freedom is being taken away from us each and every day, a little bit here and a little bit there. So quietly we do not see it.

We are made to feel like outcasts if we don’t go along with the official narrative. If we disagree with the media and the masses we are termed crazy. If we have our own views about what is really going on, we are labelled conspiracy theorists.

Most people are so tired from working and trying to survive, they go along with these stories, they believe them. They have no quiet time to sit and think about these things, they have no peace. Life has been organized this way, to make sure we have no time to think.

We are working every day, looking after our families, usually both partners are working. Women who want to stay at home and look after their children are looked down upon.

What is more important than our children? Let them be at home with their mother, the education system will start programming them soon enough. Turning them into unthinking little robots that believe everything that they are told, not being encouraged to think and work things out for themselves.

Everyone, stop for a minute, switch off the TV programming machine, switch off your time consuming phones, stop reading the newspapers, stop thinking about work.

Relax, calm your mind, think for yourself, listen to your heart, how do you really feel about your life. 

Are you whizzing through each day, tired and exhausted at the end of it? Can you actually stop and think for a minute?

Make space in your life to think and relax.

Is this the life you want? Look around at the world, the wars, the geoengineering, the jjabs, the GMO’s, the flouride in our water, the 5G roll out. Is any of this right, is any of this for the benefit of humanity? Is any of this what you really want?

Slowly the truth will come to you, once you know some truths, you will want to know more. Each day somehow you will find time to find out what is really going on in the world today.

The truth will blow your mind for a while, it will make you angry, very angry, then it will make you sad, so very sad. Eventually you will come through all this, you will no longer be a sheep, you will be part of the world that has woken up.

You are not alone when this happens.

There are many of us out in the world, trying each and every day to wake up a few more people, until critical mass has been attained and Humans will be Free once more.

Then you will be living in the real world, not the manufactured world.

By Julie Alexander,

About the author: I realized what was really going on in the world in 2013. Since then I have been trying to make sense of it all and help others along the way. I am still learning more each day. You can visit my Facebook here and my website here.