Pope Tells Molestation Victim ‘It’s Okay to Be Gay’

It’s worth pointing out that Pope Francis was talking to a victim of Catholic sexual abuse when he reportedly told him it was “okay to be gay.”

Why it matters:

The context of the Pope’s alleged statement is being overshadowed by the statement itself. The context, however, is important because it sheds light on the decades-long molestation accusations against Catholic priests, many of which turned out to be true. It also sheds light on why the Pontiff is motivated to drift away from traditional Catholic teachings.

The victim, Juan Carlos Cruz, was sexually abused by the Rev. Fernando Karadima, who was found guilty by a Vatican investigation in 2011.

The Pope’s statement isn’t just about “homosexuality vs. the church”:

Pope Francis is an adherent of liberation theology promoted by Latin American socialists for decades with the end goal of destroying the church from within.

During the 20th century, communist revolutionaries found that, despite their best efforts to overthrow Latin American nations and install puppet regimes, they could never gain control of hearts and minds of population due to the steady bulwark of the Catholic Church.

That’s why communists decided to subvert the Catholic Church from within by “legitimizing” Marxist teachings in the church through liberation theology, which merged Catholicism with Marxism.

Given that context, it isn’t surprising why Pope Francis, a Latin American pope who’s friendly to liberation theology, seems to go against the grain of Catholic teachings at every chance he gets.

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