Psycho Electronic Weapons And Remote Mind Control

We have written on several occasions about mind control and brainwashing, and with good reason. Many dismiss the idea, but each of us is subject to manipulation of the mind every time we watch advertising on television, for instance.

As a more physical example, think of a hypnotist who can put people completely under their control. Speak to someone who has been hypnotized and more often than not, they will tell you they had absolutely no control over their actions, or perhaps more worryingly, of their perception.

If someone, that any one of us can hire “right out of the phone book” for entertainment or for minor medical reasons can take over our minds, imagine what intelligence agencies with unlimited budgets, confidential information, and advanced technologies can achieve. More chillingly, imagine their motivations.

In April 2018 an apparent leaking of information regarding such concepts and research found its way to MuckRock, who have since made this information widely available. It is not clear if this leak was purposeful or accidental, or indeed if it is merely a hoax or disinformation.

Some of the ideas expressed in it, however, have been long discussed within conspiracy communities. And within the pages of the works of respected researchers.

Furthermore, it is widely accepted that intelligence agencies have researched these ideas. How far this research went, if it continues, and its possible implementation is open to debate.

In a world of increasing disinformation and secret agendas, it would be perhaps naïve to not take such claims with a pinch of salt. It would also, however, be rather foolish to ignore such information completely.

We will look at the details of these recent files shortly. First, however, check out the video below. It looks at the basics of the claims of mind control and brainwashing.

Is The Government Still Running A Mind Control Program?

“EM Effects On The Human Body”

The website who received the information specialize in Freedom of Information Acts and regularly seek and publish information that might otherwise be “glossed over” in the public arena.

One of the journalists working for the site, Curtis Waltman, had recently requested information from Washington State Fusion Center (WSFC) who process data on terrorism and extremists.

Waltman was looking for information relating to both white supremacist groups as well the anti-fascist group Antifa. His request was approved and the information he sought arrived electronically shortly after.

He also received another zip file which didn’t appear to be relevant to his request, but it would still catch his attention. It was called, “EM Effects On The Human Body”.

The three documents feature a breakdown of effects on the human body from “psycho-electronic weapons”, as well as ways to project this energy.

According to the documents, “communications vans” would carry and utilize “psychotronic weapons” covertly for individual remote mind control”, while “black helicopters” would do so from the air. Phone and communications towers would send out such signals so as to achieve “mass mind control” over whole communities at a time.

The illustration below is one of the files and demonstrates the apparent effects on the human body in detail. As well as mind control these include, reading and broadcasting thoughts, controlled dreaming, hearing voices and commands inside a person’s head, and forced waking visions.

Some of the more physical effects include sudden racing of the heart, artificial tinnitus, sudden and persistent itching, and general pain in joints and muscles. The documents also speak of making “communications with any object emitting energy” due to the “human body emitting low electronic signals” or vibrational frequencies.

John St. Clair Akewi Takes On The NSA

It is certainly an interesting incident, and the documents look to have been in existence for some time.

In 1992, Australian magazine ‘Nexus’ used similar images in an article they covered regarding John St. Clair Akewi who during a lawsuit against the NSA would claim the agency has “the ability to covertly murder US citizens and conduct psychological control operations to cause certain individuals to be diagnosed as insane!”

The details of the case and the claims made in it read like a science-fiction novel. You have to ask, given the immense power the NSA would have to act “legally” to such accusations, what would anyone have to gain from making such statements in a US court?

Akewi would state that the NSA had “blanket coverage of electronic communications in the US and the world” in the name of “security”. Furthermore, this dated back to the 1940s, with some of the “most advanced computers in the world” operating out of Fort Meade since the early-1960s.

Of more interest though are the claims that the NSA had the ability to “decode Electro Magnetic Frequency (EMF) waves” projected by electric currents of the “magnetic flux” which surrounds each person.

Further still, in a joint program with the Department of Defense, the technology exists to “remotely analyze all objects, whether man-made or organic, that have electrical activity”.

According to the case, the NSA had in excess of over 50,000 agents, each of whom had advanced permission to “spy” on any person they deemed to be of interest. The “electronic surveillance network” stretched the entire United States and could focus on entire groups or concentrate on an individual.

“15 Years Ahead Of The Public!”

Much of what Akewi would claim back in the early-1990s is proving to be true, if only in part. He would state that the NSA “has nanotechnology computers that are 15 years ahead” of what the public knows.

Furthermore, due to the “blanket coverage” enjoyed by the agency, “artificial intelligence” would screen all communications for “keywords” which it then flagged to agents. We know this is exactly what happens today in the name of security. And not just in the US.

Perhaps of more concern is the ability of the technology to be able to tune into the remote frequency of individual personal computers. This can then “change the data of the circuit board”.

In effect, this gave such agencies remote control of the computer. This allowed them to monitor as well as “plant” data on to the computer itself.

Even more chilling still are the claims of the ability to tap into the electrical signals in the brain and then decode them through computer technology. Even projecting images and words of such decoded signals.

Essentially, the ability to read any subject’s thoughts at will. The illustration below shows the dire situation this would cause if there was any truth to the claims.

It is interesting that more and more stories appear on our newsfeeds about cars driving through “brain power”. Or computers that carry out commands at the power of a person’s thoughts.

In the early-1990s at the time of this case, was claims of the utilization of “EMF Brain Stimulation” by the US military. This allowed for “brain-to-computer” links for flying military aircraft remotely. It is not an unreasonable stretch of the imagination to think the technology available to such secret agencies today is far beyond what most of us could imagine possible.

Bypassing The Senses

Through this “Remote Neural Monitoring” (RNM) the agency also has the ability to “send encoded signals”. These go to the auditory cortex area of an individual’s brain.

This, according to the claim, would allow “audio communication direct to the brain”. The individual, however, would not hear it or even be aware their brain had heard it.

To them, any reaction to this “invisible voice” would, at best merely be their own thoughts. At worst, however, the symptoms of “auditory hallucinations” would likely be “diagnosed” as paranoid schizophrenia.

All of this is done without any contact whatsoever with the individual. The RNM also “maps out” the electrical signals from the visual cortex of an individual’s brain. Once these are decoded they project images on to a computer screen. This allows the operative to see what “the subject’s eyes are seeing” as well as  “images” through thoughts and dreams.

Also, in the same way that voices can be sent into the brain and “bypass the ears”, so can images enter directly into an individual’s visual cortex and “bypass the eyes and optic nerves”.

It would give complete control over any individual. As well as altering perceptions and moods, these signals could even induce death should the mission require it. It is a thought that should be very sobering to many of us, for many reasons.

Not least of which, how in control of our own actions are we? For example, and just to play Devil’s Advocate for a moment, how many times have we heard a “vicious killer” state they “heard voices” telling them to kill?

Two-Way RNM Communication

These methods, according to details of the case, were extremely cost-effective to implement. They could also achieve this while hiding in “plain sight” in the already expansive communications network throughout the country.

As a further aid to remote mind control projects was the access the agency had to the “residential tap water and air ducts” of the homes of potential subjects (one would imagine apartment blocks and the like would make ideal targets for this).

This allowed for the “delivery of drugs” to unaware residents which would make them more receptive to programming. Remember, there were similar methods of utilizing LSD by the CIA in the MK Ultra projects.

John St. Clair Akewi would also claim to have been a victim of “two-way RNM communications” in an effort to “incapacitate the Plaintiff” and prevent the lawsuit coming to court.

By having access to each individual’s brain waves, agencies could then send “covert signals” to the brain. They would then monitor the responses to various stimuli. Each person has a different “bioelectric frequency” so this monitoring must occur in order to penetrate individuals with precise commands.

Despite the efforts of Akewi, there were no charges against any agents of the NSA. Nor against the NSA has a whole. Although Nexus Magazine would attempt to follow up the details, Akewi would refuse to speak any further about the matter. He has since seemingly left the public eye.

The details do leave us a lot to think about though. As do the recent files sent to the aforementioned Waltman. And we know the intelligence agencies have a collective interest in this area. It would appear there will prove to be a certain amount of truth in such claims.

Influencing Moods, Emotions, And Decisions?

Although we will examine the possible reasons the recently leaked file may have come to light now and how events unfolding might relate to it in a moment, we have to ask, why would agencies have such an interest in the thoughts of each and every individual. And perhaps more importantly, why would they influence their own citizens in such a way.

The reasons likely stem from the mundane (buy more beer!) to the extremely concerning (go out and kill people). Further to that, if such events are pre-determined (9/11 for sake of argument) but are to be sold to the public as a “tragic incident”, such “electronic messages” are invaluable.

The conscious person has no idea their brain has received these. And they only serve to back up the angles and projections of the various media and news outlets. The vast majority of which, incidentally, get their news from the official source, which is usually the respective country’s government.

Whether it is how we spend our money, how we conduct ourselves, or what we believe as right and wrong. All, it seems, are subject to mental hijacking at any given moment. And all of them hand control over to those with the technology to carry out such operations.

We often say, for example, that “there is something in the air” when referring to people in a bad mood. Or that there is “an atmosphere” in certain situations. That “something” or “atmosphere”, as outlandish as it sounds, might very well be electrical waves influencing emotion and mood.

More And More Ways To Take Over Our Minds?

The claims of electrical frequencies matching those of brain waves is also an interesting assertion. Particularly when the TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) masts began to appear in locations around the UK, the US and Europe. These new communications systems are officially to aid the police and emergency services in times of crisis.

Some people, however, are more than suspicious. They claim that the frequency TETRA operates on is almost identical to brainwave frequency. This means signals can project directly to the brain and so influence behavior.

As a side-note to an already grim notion is that these electrical frequencies are close to the frequencies of the human body in general. This could cause cell division and ultimately serious health problems.

Research scientist, Barry Trower, is just one of many who suspect government’s, “non-public” research allows them to hoodwink the public. They also dismiss any cases that might prove this notion as not providing “conclusive proof”. This is virtually impossible to give in any situation.

It is also interesting regarding the claims for Akewi of the “two-way RNM communications”. Essentially that intelligence agencies were attempting to control his mind so he would decide not to pursue the case. Given how it fizzled out and his ultimate reluctance to speak about it, maybe they eventually succeeded.

Other conspiracy theorists and researchers, however, have made similar assertions, although their perception of it was much different. Max Spiers, for example, would state on several occasions he was subject to “astral attacks” from those in lofty positions.

David Icke is another who states the “elite” even do this among themselves, jockeying for positions of influence and power.

Electromagnetic Frequency Mind Control Weapons — Dr. Patrick Flanagan

Ponder This!

While it is unclear of the intention behind the recent file, perhaps there is a connection to Waltman’s original request.

Steadily since the banking crisis of 2008, and increasingly so since such events as Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, there appears, specifically in the “West”, to be increasing amounts of people taking more and more definite and inflexible positions.

There is less middle ground to negotiate and increasing tribal attitudes of “you are either with us or against us!” In short, there is more division among “the people” than apparently any time in recent history.

Might it be that these files arrived with Waltman following his requests on such apparently opposing groups purposely? To have him make the connection that this current “division” is also purposeful? Perhaps these files illustrate why this change is occurring throughout the West?

A middle ground allows people with different viewpoints to compromise and find a solution that is inclusive and mutually beneficial. “Left against Right”, “Us against Them” and other such nonsense stops this progress. This makes all of us far easier to control, preoccupied as we are arguing and battling with each other.

And as grim and speculative as it is, the more divided we are, the more the need for “state solutions”. Are we dividing and ultimately weakening ourselves without even realizing it?

Maybe we should collectively ask ourselves, in a world of convenient echo chambers and cries of “fake news” as a protective measure against inconvenient truths, are our thoughts, feelings, and even our motivations truly our own?

The video below looks at this notion a little further.

Ultimate TV Mind Control Documentary

By Marcus Lowth, Guest writer