The Destruction of Europe: Muslim Migrants Are A Trojan Horse (And They Will Come to America Next)

I love human beings, I love our history and I respect all cultures. I love all good people equally, regardless of race or nationality.

And regardless of our ethnic backgrounds or religious views, we must all come together and acknowledge a grave injustice that is taking place in Europe right now: the Globalists are using religious extremists to convert Europe to Islam by force.

Most of the mainstream media has either ignored, spread disinformation, or covered up this grave situation for years now, but we must finally expose the whole truth until it’s not too late.

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The migrants that are being brought to Europe are mostly men, they come from poor families, they have very little or no education, they are religious extremists, and they have been raised in a culture that oppresses and abuses women.

It’s also very important to note that only a very small number of these people are refugees from Syria. Most of them are not! Most of them come from countries of the African continent, NOT from Syria, which is located in the Middle East.

To make matter worse, MILLIONS more Muslim migrants are expected to arrive in Europe this year alone. And they’re not scholars that will help enrich Europe’s culture, so we should stop taking the ridiculous notion of “cultural enrichment” serious.

According to the President of the University of Hamburg and chairman of the German Educational Action Council, Dieter Lenzen, two thirds of them are “basically illiterate.”

And, as I will show in this article, the migrants are not interested to integrate among Europeans at all.

The Dangers

Britain’s defence chief, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach, warned back in 2016 that ISIS fighters are “moving in migrant flows, hiding in plain sight.”

If you stop and think about it for a moment, they are the perfect Trojan Horse to destroy Europe: uneducated, violent, religious extremists and now they are encouraged to force their narrow views onto others.

And this is not an opinion, but a provable fact.

Since these migrants have started arriving in Europe, crime rates have skyrocketed.

Back in 2013, “hundreds of Muslim immigrants have rampaged through parts of the Swedish capital of Stockholm, torching cars and buses, setting fires, and hurling rocks at police.”

This is how Stockholm looked like after the attack:

In 2015, it was reported that Muslim migrants increased crimes in Germany by 65%. In 2016, it was reported that Migrant crimes rose by another 50%. That’s a total of 115% increase in crimes in just two years.

From one of the most civilized countries on Earth, Sweden has been turned into the rape capital of Europe.

After the Swedish parliament unanimously decided to change the formerly homogeneous Sweden into a multicultural country, violent crime has increased by 300% and rapes by 1,472%. Sweden is now number two on the list of rape countries, surpassed only by Lesotho in Southern Africa.

Some 1,200 women have been sexually assaulted in Cologne, Germany, on the New Year’s Eve. Of the 2000 Muslim migrants suspected to have been involved in the assault, only two have been convicted.

Patrik Jonasson, a 40-year-old Swedish man, surveyed 4,142 rulings regarding sex-related crimes passed by 40 Swedish courts between 2012 and 2014.

The study, which took several months to compile, indicated that a whopping 95.6 percent of rapes and 90 percent of group rapes had been committed by men of foreign descent. Men from the Middle East and Africans were particularly overrepresented in various forms of sexual offences.

I encourage you to read more on the subject HERE, before moving forward.

And to make matters worse, millions of migrants are already on welfare. They’re also going to take full advantage of the child support policies of Europe and become the majority in the near future.

According to Hungary’s PM, Viktor Orban, Muslim dominance of Europe is “simple mathematics.”

Regrettably, things are not going to get better anytime soon, because these people have not gone to Europe to integrate themselves into the culture and be thankful for a new, better, life. No, they went there to force their religious views and impose Sharia law onto the Europeans.

For example, Abu Ramadan was granted asylum in Switzerland back in 2004, and has since collected $620,000 in social welfare payments.

Although Ramadan has lived in Switzerland for nearly 20 years in total, he can barely speak French or German, and has never held a steady job. Ramadan, 64, will soon be entitled to receive a Swiss state pension.

While taking money from Swiss taxpayers, he called for the introduction of Sharia law in Switzerland and urged Muslims to avoid integrating into Swiss society. He also said that Muslims who commit crimes in Switzerland should not be subject to Swiss laws:

“Oh, Allah, I ask you to destroy the enemies of our religion, destroy the Jews, the Christians, the Hindus, the Russians and the Shiites. God, I ask you to destroy them all and to return to Islam its ancient glory.”

And this is just one example. You can find more similar examples here and here.

Is This Legal?

The situation in Europe is nothing less than “Settler colonialism,” and it is defined by Wikipedia as follows:

“A form of colonialism which seeks to replace the original population of the colonized territory with a new society of settlers. As with all forms of colonialism, it is based on exogenous domination, typically organized or supported by an imperial authority.” [emphasis added]

(The only difference being that, in the past, the colonizers were wealthier and culturally superior to those that they were colonizing).

Of course this whole situation is supported by a form of “imperial authority,” otherwise it would not be possible! In fact, this illegal colonization of sovereign nations could be stopped at any moment, because every country’s constitution prevents (or it should prevent) such events from happening.

It is not constitutional to allow displaced populations to settle into your country and the government officials surely know this. The British, Swedish, German, Belgian, Italian or French scholars surely know this as well.

But this is a crisis by design and it was set in motion by Globalists who want to turn Europe into a mash mob (without a homogeneous cultural identity) that is divided, broken and easily controllable.

How Is This Going To Play Out? The Divide And Conquer Agenda

Muslim migrants are going to outnumber the native populations of the countries that received them, within just a few generations.

Europeans are going to be minorities in their own respective countries. In time, this will erase their heritage, their traditions and their culture.

“Swedes will be an ethnic minority in their own country by mid century”:

In other words, without a commonly shared history, heritage, common traditions and culture, there isn’t going to be anything to tie the people together.

And this is the very plan of the Globalists: to hijack some of the richest, most culturally advanced and civilized countries on Earth, whose people are educated and not easily manipulated, and turn them into third world ghettos, inhabited by poor and uneducated people that have a 14th century mentality, so that they can be manipulated with ease.

The agenda of settler colonialism is evident in the way the European authorities have (not) handled the whole situation:

The Gun Grabbing Agenda

Let’s stop being naive for a second and look at the whole picture: sooner or later, the “Muslim Migrants” Trojan Horse WILL be unleashed onto the United States as well! As a matter of fact, this is what the whole gun grabbing agenda is all about. Taking away your guns, and leaving you defenseless against the upcoming waves of extremist invaders.

Just think how much of a difference it would have made if Europeans had the right to carry guns. These fanatics wouldn’t have had the courage to sexually assault 1,200 women in one night, knowing that anyone in that crowd could have carried a concealed handgun.

How many crimes could have been avoided or stopped if Europeans had the right to carry firearms?

Just watch what happens in this very rare instance in which a Frenchman has his concealed carry license and a firearm (he’s probably an official since guns of any kind are banned in France, and all across Europe for that matter):

Because he had a handgun, he was able to defend himself and the group that he was traveling with,  from a gang of migrants that kept coming at them, throwing rocks and wielding weapons. One of the attackers is seen holding an object that resembles a metal pipe and another one a knife.

The Consequences Are Dire

Europe is now divided and in shock. By the time the citizens of these beautiful countries will be able to respond in any significant manner, it will already be too late.

The biggest risk is having their cultural heritage completely erased and replaced by the barbaric rule of the radical Islam.

The following incident happened at the “Rooseveltplaats,” in Antwerp, Belgium. According to the Belgian newspaper HLN, the elderly man that is being brutally beaten by a gang of Muslims, was drinking alcohol together with his son on the terrace of a Kebab shop:

SHOCKING VIDEO: Elderly man is being attacked after drinking alcohol in front of a halal food restaurant in Antwerp, Belgium.

— BNL NEWS (@BreakingNLive) May 13, 2018

Sweden, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Belgium already have no-go zones, where radical Islamists have taken over entire neighborhoods.

Just take a look at these news reports about each of the aforementioned countries:







Now you can’t say you didn’t know…

Democracy, freedom of speech, women’s rights, education for all, equal rights for all races, the freedom to express one’s religion, and everything that we’ve worked so hard to achieve is in danger.

And it’s all coming to America next.

By Alexander J. Johnston,