Your Light Body is Completely Re-Coding Itself

Aloha beautiful LOVE family!

Sooooooooooooooo much clearing in our sleep states, which is mega important for the waking state to become SOOOOOO much easier, simpler and clearer for all. ♥

So much activating 24/7 now, so much cellular cleansing, so many holographic imprints clearing POOF…. some are to observe, so each can understand, otherwise, there will be no “memory”, because you do not need to see to understand.

DNA DNA DNA — the human aspect is unable to GRASP the complexity (and simplicity) of how the body and physical realities are being re-coded and re-calibrated… which is why it takes each EXPANDING BEYOND the current “level” of consciousness to embrace a much HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS awareness and understanding… if you even need to know, as much of this you will not (yet)….

It’s about HONORING THE BODY as it needs to reconfigure and re-work how your whole body works for you and becomes MULTI-DIMENSIONAL BODIES, with the capability to MOVE in and out of a multitude of vibrational realities and timelines simultaneously (and more). ↓

Your body is completely ELECTRICALLY re-wiring itself… through the integration of your SUPER QUANTUM LIGHTBODY (photonic light/soul), which has to integrate constantly to break down the old codes and replace them (rebuild) with all new HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS GEOMETRIC ONES….

Just like a computer, your body, your crystals, your light… all work together cohesively in a whole new way. Every part(icle) of your body affected by this EVOLUTIONARY PROCESS that now occurs within each and every PHYSICAL FORM.

You technically do not need to know…. your human aspect will get all up in it and try to control it, complain, become a victim of it all. Your Higher Self/Universal You, Cosmic You, Christed you, God Particle, PURE SOURCE LIGHT you….

Already understands all of this, as IT’s the REASON all of this is occurring… “THEY” ARE RE-CONFIGURING YOUR PHYSICAL BODY, so it works for “them”. “They” are re-coding according to EACH ONE OF THEIR (which is YOUR HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS) DNA, so you will constantly be flipping, changing, shifting in every way.

Every EMOTION, EVERY BELIEF, not aligned with your highest consciousness aspects of you, aligned with YOU on a SOUL LEVEL, will have to be released, resolved, dissolved…. cleared, cleansed… whatever word you want to use, they are all true and not true, as this is how all works here.

YOUR entire body becomes this intelligent life form, where bio-electrical energy runs through you and every part of you COMMUNICATES through the processing of electromagnetic frequency energy…. both your body and your field must constantly be synchronized to work in UNISON….. (this is your Merkaba and after physical body ascension, your personal StarGate System)….

Your entire EXISTENCE changes FOR YOU…. as you let go of the old unconscious realities that YOU held onto out of fear and YOU come together inside…. ALL OF YOUR ASPECTS MERGE WITHIN YOU…. for you to WALK AS A FULLY CONSCIOUS SOUL here….

Deep SOUL love replaces human love, which is tainted with each unconscious human’s distortions/needs and lack….

Deep Sacred Respect and kindness, replace disrespect and lack of consideration/caring about each other….

Deep Connection replaces “no connection”, which is where the ego aspect lives, totally unconscious that there are all new realities and a whole new Existence that already exists…..

As each sleeps to awaken, as each opens their hearts fully, as each is ready to see what they didn’t want to and makes a higher consciousness decision to re-align their own realities with UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS LOVE…. the external starts to match this….

As each emerges on NEW Earth…. which is birthed from within, at first, experiences are subtle, profound and beyond MAGICAL to EXPERIENCE…. yet the more one LIVES HERE, the more this is the ‘NEW NORM’, the more each has a CHOICE in every moment as to what to FEED ENERGY into, what to SUPPORT…..

AS each REALIZES that NEW EARTH IS CREATED BY EACH, focus changes off of “what used to be true”, to what is true now… IN THIS MOMENT… which changes as vibrations change… and until each has FULLY ALIGNED their own REALity with LOVE, and no longer accepts LESS as REALity… then they will go back and forth, back and forth, clearing those DENSE PROGRAMS… which will continue to be FELT MORE NOW.

The Immense Cosmic Frequencies make every moment FEELABLE…. through Density and Light…. ♥ Where each’s answers ARE EACH’S EXPERIENCES….

The aspect you ARE in each moment, dictates your actual EXPERIENCE here, the timeline you experience and the Dimension you live in. ♥

I love you… we have many frequencies active right now. StarGates were aligning then we shifted into powerful crystalline and plasma, which is hyper activating our cells, charging our NEW Earth Gridwork as well as re-wiring our nervous systems through weaving more Light and re-coding our immune systems, strongly opening our hearts….

Working on our eyes, bones, muscles… every organ… every body part… so honor you/your body, support YOUR EVOLVING LIGHT BODY as it does all of this for you… take advantage of nature, your bed, whatever feels appropriate for you. Get out, play, inspire, clean, do projects with each other…. as you anchor more “new” here….

Your readiness is visible, your resistance is too, your openness, your fixed beliefs, your fears, your dreams…. all is visible here.

Observe yourself and that which YOU call REALity, and see if everything in it is fully aligned with LOVE, RESPECT, KINDNESS, CONSIDERATION, VIBRANCY, PEACE and JOY, and then YOU will SEE where is your’s to align yourself through your own DEEP SOUL connection with all that you already KNOW inside. ♥

Have a most exquisite day creating, connecting and simplifying your life to MATCH the vibration of your NEW EARTH REALities… release the hold the old had… it’s inside.

Choose to GO THERE BY CHOICE, which is the conscious way. The unconscious way is more uncomfortable because it creates an actual reality for you to EXPERIENCE to do what you are going to have to do anyway to bring your SOUL out from deep within. ♥

As we all do this, there is magnificence and beauty and the most exquisite REALities to EXPERIENCE….. as each is TRULY READY to FULLY EMBRACE our highest consciousness REALities now.

Lisa Transcendence Brown