Chemtrails: The Tools Of Slavery And Transhumanism

There is no longer any pretence in the validity of chemtrails, or geoengineering. NASA, CIA, and many other institutions have come out and openly admitted to the activity. What is not discussed is why and how this program came into being or what it is for.

It is far more than weather modification, this much is clear, the effects on the population around the world has been explosive, yet the mainstream act as if the issue is still in the sphere of conspiracy theory.

One comes to the conclusion life is becoming ever more inverted into a sphere of death, for the planet and all its species.

The ingredients and frequency of spraying is a phenomenon in itself, many like myself think this activity is linked with transhumanism.

What is for sure, our health and future seems to be on a sacrificial alter of evil!

There has been no answers from official sources to why these activities are taken place with the included ingredients found in spaying, it is no wonder people are deeply concerned about this activity.

From my perspective this is a act of treason by every government and institutional body who supports this global program of insanity.

I can only come to such a conclusion, as any sane person would, with those who continue to poison the earth and our species.

The soil is undermined by rising ph, our health, lungs, brain, skin, stomach, eyes, are all affected by the elements contained in chemtrails.

The sky is being charged when it was a neutral environment, via the combination of geoengineering & HAARP.

Water is now contaminated by a cocktail of chemicals, the insects, birds and all mammals on this planet are suffering due to the nature of this frankenstein science.

Bees colonies are decimated around the world while what is left of the population suffer from brain toxicity.

If this project was our only concern; we have to face Fukushima, which no ones is discussing, as well as the electromagnetic radiation from wi fi, and towers which adds to our environmental cocktail from hell!

Let’s be direct all of the aforementioned and what I will discuss further in this post are not good for our wellbeing. We are electromagnetic, biochemical entities. Everything which is being seeded is destructive to our health!

So what the hell is going on? Why is this happening?

One can only assume the worst for us, once you start to get to grips with the scope of the insane act which has total contempt for all life, holding nothing in reverence, then there is only one conclusion.

I say now we are being culled and transformed as a species. If you think that statement is to far fetched, fine, your choice.

However look at this subject in depth and very soon you will find it linking into many other subjects and agendas spoken by the elites and their lackeys.

I could post reference after reference, the material on this subject is mind boggling, what is being done to us is a act of such barbarity and evil one can only come to the conclusion the Georgia Guidestones holds weight.

Chemtrails is just another topic where we can highlight irrational actions of government bodies and organisations if they had the concern of the populace in mind.

They of course do not! This much is clear. Regardless of the truth of these operations it is our well being which suffers.

This march of transhumanism which geoengineering is linked with will see the end of our species as we know it.

The end of feeling beyond that of which the system produces for us, fear, rage, hate, loathing, will be the standard, the solution will be transhuman enhancements with chemical stimulation, combined with the abolishment of sexual pleasure other than that of reproduction.

Our lives will become no more than that of an automaton.

It seems a bizarre argument does it not? When I stop to consider what I am written I sometimes question my sanity, what sane man wouldn’t.

However the people running this agenda are not sane, they are not you or I and they see the world with their eyes not ours. Men & women of power who are involved in such agendas have no empathy or conscious, only the agenda of which they seek to fulfil carries weight in their thought process.

This is not a statement from observation, but from the mouths of those men and women themselves. The Rockefeller image is an example of how these people think. This one statement should have seen him arrested.

As for what we can do about this program of poisoning I really do not know. Coming together would be the best start I can think of.

Rallying for the sake of ourselves and for the future generations; the sooner the better.

As for personal protection, look for foods which help remove toxins from the system, exercise, and try to avoid heavily sprayed areas where possible. Again, there is loads of help on this subject out there.