InfoWars Official App Jumps to Number 3 — Dominates CNN, NYT, ABC

Attempts to censor InfoWars backfire as Streisand effect kicks in

Downloads of the Infowars Official App have completely eclipsed the rest of the dying media’s own apps in the face of Big Tech censoring Alex Jones and his platform on Monday.

The Infowars Official App is currently ranked at #3 (update) in in Apple’s App Store, soaring above CNN (#6), Google News (#5), Buzzfeed (#10), Fox News (#7), The New York Times (#11), ABC (#19), and BBC (#26).

Well-informed and liberty-loving people alike immediately recognized the app is a direct line to Infowars and Alex Jones, circumventing the globalist tech gatekeepers who arbitrarily put conservatives under their boot of censorship.

The app’s popularity surge comes amid Big Tech’s coordinated Monday censorship and deplatforming of Infowars and Alex Jones content on YouTube, Facebook, iTunes, and Spotify.

Currently available as of this writing, the Infowars Official App is able to bypass the tried-and-true silencing tactics like shadow banning and putting a cap on view count.

Perhaps this is why CNN advocates removing our app from the store.

Apple and Google are still selling the InfoWars app, which contains some of the same type of content that both tech giants have pulled from elsewhere on their platforms

— CNN (@CNN) August 6, 2018

Ironically, CNN’s Anderson Cooper tried to emulate Alex Jones’ live stream format, but it failed miserably and ended up being a multi-million-dollar dud.

The Real Reason Apple, Facebook, Spotify & YouTube Banned Infowars

Statement from Alex Jones: The EU is already fining Google and others if they don’t start censoring speech by calling it “hate speech” and/or “fake news.”

When our government doesn’t start fining them for violations of free speech, racketeering and trust/monopolistic behavior, that encourages other governments like China and the EU have influence over the free market of ideas.

But this situation also highlights the trust set up by mutli-national combines based in China and in Europe that’s stealing all of our rights and freedoms through a concerted effort.

Over two-and-a-half years ago, Matt Drudge came to our studio and warned of this attack on the First Amendment. That’s why they want alternative and independent media shut down.

They would’ve done all of this last year had Hillary gotten into the White House. Yet, due to Trump instead getting elected, this plan has been held off for about a year-and-a-half.

Now, it seems, they don’t fear Trump for whatever reason, and now they’re making their move.

But I don’t think President Trump has been compromised, but he’s compromising himself one way or another if his administration doesn’t make this the central issue.

Free speech is the central issue; this is the heart of the matter. This is the core. This is it.

Apple, Spotify, Facebook and YouTube all banned Infowars within 12 hours of each other, illustrating how last night’s purge was a coordinated effort and has nothing to do with these platforms enforcing “hate speech” rules.

Here are the real reasons Infowars is being purged by Big Tech:

– Infowars is widely credited with having played a key role in electing Donald Trump. By banning Infowars, big tech is engaging in election meddling just three months before crucial mid-terms.

– With the Infowars ban, Apple, Facebook , Spotify & YouTube (Google) have all now ascribed themselves the power to remove people & outlets from their platforms based on their political opinions. This power will be abused time and time again to meddle in elections.

– The ban also sets the precedent that the mere charge alone of having committed “hate speech,” with no specific examples even provided, is enough to memory hole an individual or group’s digital presence.

– The ban is just part of a wider censorship purge that also use stealth censorship, shadow banning and algorithmic manipulation to hide and bury conservative content.

– Apple also chose to shut down Infowars after we repeatedly criticized them for working with and selling data to the Communist Chinese government. Just a coincidence, I’m sure.

Apple chose to shut down Infowars after repeated criticism of them selling data to and working with Communist Chinese government. Just a coincidence.

— Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet) August 6, 2018

For conservative media outlets who don’t speak out because they don’t like Infowars, we have a message for you – you’re next.

Facebook banned Infowars after lobbying by both CNN and Democratic Congressman Ted Deutch (D-FL). This isn’t “just a private company,” this is brazen political censorship.

This is the outcome of the left refusing to debate their ideas and simply no platforming their adversaries instead.

This is the modern day electronic equivalent of book burning.

This is throwing dissidents in the Big Tech gulag because their voices were becoming too loud and having too much influence.

This is the purge. This is election meddling and COLLUSION.

It will only intensify unless lawmakers act now to introduce a Digital Bill of Rights and treat social media giants as telecommunications companies who are forbidden by law from discriminating against people and media outlets based on their political opinions.

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