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Patience, Mankind, Our Day Will Come!

The war against humanity has been raging for thousands of years.

The powers that shouldn’t be have been working towards the present state of the world all that time. Slowly, slowly they have eaten away at our morals and goodness, trying to find a way in.

The world is in a precarious position right now. The powers that shouldn’t be are now ruling us all; we are all slaves to the system.

Like many others on the planet today, I would like it all to end now; I would like Full Disclosure Now.

I have come to realise this cannot be, they have spread their tentacles all around the World, in all the main areas that affect us all.

To defeat them once and for all we need a plan of epic proportions in place. We need a plan that has been years in the making.

We cannot be free overnight; we must dig deep and somehow find the patience within ourselves to wait a little bit longer.

The Alliance have a plan, it is ongoing. They are waiting for the right time to reveal the truth to us all.

There are still too many people asleep, who do not understand any of this, and they haven’t searched for the truth yet. They are totally brainwashed, they have no idea what is going on around them in the world, they have no idea that they even need to look for the truth, just like we once were.

How does the awake population deal with all this when we know what is happening, when we can see the truth all around us.

When we see the pain and suffering in the world.

We learn about the satanic ritual abuse going on around the World.

We find out about human sex slave traffickers and the depth of pedophilia.

When we know there is free energy.

When we know about the healing computers out there, that could help our loved ones.

As time passes we see more and more of our friends and family dying from illnesses that could be cured.

We see war torn countries and people suffering and we know it is all part of the plan to divide and conquer us all, to inflict fear and anxiety into us all.

When we know about the aliens and UFO’s and the secret space programmes.

When we realise our families are being culled, with chemtrails, GMO’s, Fluoride, 5G, and vaccinations.

We see our families struggle, each and every day, trying to survive in this crazy world.

How do we stay calm and patient? How do we find the strength to carry on?

We must trust the plan.

We must carry on getting our message out to people every day, in whatever way works for us. We must not waiver.

The Alliance is with us, they are secretly taking apart the power structure everyday, bit by bit.

There are many people around the world fighting for humanity and our freedom. Many people are dying each day fighting for us all.

Many people are risking their lives to get the truth out, losing their livelihoods, their security and their privacy.

We must be brave and strong. We must have faith.

Some days it may not look as if we are winning.

Some days we may find ourselves feeling deep sadness.

Some days we may find it hard to carry on.

Waiting, waiting, waiting, but wait we must.

We need to look past the chaos, we need to feel love for ourselves and our families, feel love for humanity and the earth.

Love is more powerful than fear.

We carry on with love in our hearts, lighting up the world, clearing away the darkness.

Supporting each other until eventually love will win and we will be free.

Until that day we must be patient and wait, doing whatever we can however small it may seem.

If you are awake then you are part of the resistance.

Don’t lose heart, we are so close. 

Our day will come.

Humanity will be free.

By Julie Alexander,

About the author: I realized what was really going on in the world in 2013. Since then I have been trying to make sense of it all and help others along the way. I am still learning more each day. You can visit my Facebook here and my website here.