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The Biggest Spiritual Illusion: The Fear Of Not Ascending

Many people need confirmation that they are doing everything right and that they have been granted the rites to ascension.

It is the fear of not ascending that blocks the self work the most, more than any archons or negative matrix energies. It is hard sometimes to realize that obstacles, chaos, and sickness can all be a part of the ascension process, and sometimes these things can be mistaken for failure.

Many of us are anchors of light in our city or state, and do not have a lot of friends that are experiencing the same things we are.

Therefore we have no frame of reference or confirmation that we are doing what we need to be doing in order to ascend. This is why online articles, videos, and coaching sessions are so important in order to share thoughts and measure understandings.

When I have a session with someone, I can “measure” someone’s ascension level by their consciousness and awareness.

Ascension is the raising of vibration frequency in the physical, mental, and emotional bodies in tandem with the spirit, or consciousness, in order to unlock the DNA which will open the doors to multidimensional realities.

Since we weren’t given a detailed, personalized ascension manual for each person, it is like a guessing game to try to figure out what practices need to be done in order to complete the “work” necessary. All of the answers are held inside, but it is the initial phase of getting to those answers that is the toughest part of the process.

Looking outside for confirmation is perfectly acceptable once you learn discernment as to what is truly right for you. Many times we are doing exactly what we need to be doing, but don’t trust our own self or guidance.

One of the things that makes people think they aren’t ascending is when they go “offline” and are forced to rest for long periods of time. They may have an accident, injury, or sickness, or they may just feel lethargic and tired.

They forget about all of their spiritual practices and their higher guidance needs them to lie still and rest so that they can assist the person with healing and peeling back more layers of the onion. The onion reference is the same thing as stripping the matrix programming, beliefs, and illusions.

This includes making them forget about many outdated tools they have been using and spiritual practices that they thought they once used to get to a certain level of consciousness. Not being able to do their old routine may make them feel guilty and they may even have their psychic abilities cut off for a time while they are being “reset”.

This can be a bit scary if they have no reference or knowledge that this is normal. This down time is like getting a fresh start at the next level of the journey, which allows for new lessons, new abilities, and new tools.

Another thing that makes people fearful of not doing the right thing is when they are in a relationship that seems to become volatile. Relationships are mirrors that show us what is inside of us.

Yes, there can be times when the other person has an “Agent Smith” (referencing the movie The Matrix) inside and may be trying to keep you from doing your work by distracting you and stealing your energy.

But most of the time, when you have understood the nature of duality and that everything comes from Source, you can start to see what is your shit, what is someone else’s shit, and what is from the AI Agent Smith.

Since our own individual matrix is a projection of what is inside, our whole daily routine is showing us what we are thinking of. This means that we can make ourselves have a bad day or we can make ourselves have a good day as we intertwine our matrix with the big matrix.

If someone is having a really bad day, they usually having negative thoughts that are manifesting. The trick is to understand if these are your own or someone else’s.

More times that not, the one on the spiritual path thinks that they are so far advanced that they simply cannot recognize that someone else in their life is mirroring their thoughts and actions for them, to help them see what they are creating. Truly being willing to own any and all negativity and follow it down to the root core is a part of the path to ascension.

Following these negative thoughts leads to feeling, which requires an open heart. The willingness to be able to be vulnerable while standing in your sovereignty and wanting to get to the real issue within you is important.

Often times this can get a bit ugly and because ascension has been painted by the false light beings as butterflies and rainbows, the programming makes us think we are not doing something right when we feel sad or depressed.

Many times if the heart is shut down, internal “panic mode” comes about where there is now a fear of not ascending, whether recognized as that or not on the surface. The grandiose ego can even begin to spin a web of deception that says that your heart is wide open, for example because you have love for your dog or cat.

Sometimes heart palpitations and a bit of angina and anxiety may enter so that the heart can be opened. Hurt and betrayal may enter that person’s life so that they can begin to feel. This is all a part of ascension and is sometimes thought of as slipping two steps backward and one step forward.

Remember that Source always moves forward in expansion and everyone has the ability to move at their own pace, but Source would never leave you behind.

Everything in a person’s reality holds clues. Just to give one small example, one time I bought a vehicle and had the weirdest thing happened. When I test drove it I did not hear any noises or issues. A week later, there seemed to be an exhaust leak underneath.

The thought crossed my mind that since your vehicle can serve as a representation of your body, perhaps I had an energy leak somewhere in my body. Your house can also show you where issues may lie.

Sure enough, after some investigation I had an energy cord attached to my solar plexus that was causing the draining of my energy! For a split second, I had a thought that maybe the matrix was messing with my car to keep me from ascending. It’s funny how the mind can play tricks on us.

Being more aware of the clues and guidance that your helpers are trying to give you will assist you in removing your blocks and moving you to the next level of initiation. As many spiritual teachers say, fear is the worst enemy and is not real.

When you are born into a body, you are born into fear. People immediately take on the program of fear through aging and dying. We see aged people all around us and have a fear of getting old or sick. Fear of not ascending and thinking about dying and having to reincarnate can literally manifest that in your reality.

Many people finally get enough information on dying to release that fear, knowing that we just change our reality to another form. However, even the fear of the afterlife tunnel and the recycling program brings uncertainty back into the picture. What do I do if I die tomorrow, how to I make sure that I go “home”?

It is my understanding that this false light system of tricking us into reincarnating is no longer functional, and that we are raising our frequency above any such necessity as we reach the end of this matrix program. Those who are not ready for the New Earth will be helped another way.

I have even met several people that know they have died and they re-created their body and re-inserted themselves back in this reality. So they definitely don’t have any fear of dying, knowing that they will not leave the body unless it is in their highest path to do so.

Many people are also being able to connect with people who did die a physical death and the messages are always that the soul felt that they could help more on the other side. Some are even on the New Earth preparing for the large influx of people that are coming.

The best advice I can give to release the fear that you are not doing what you need to do is to surrender to your higher self, oversoul, and Source. This does not mean being complacent, but it also means believing you have everything you need when the timing is right for you.

Your oversoul would like for you to be able to integrate all of your parallel lives and to become a whole being in a restored DNA human template. Your higher self is your guide that becomes you as one of your parallel lives.

You re-establish your connection to Source as you peel back the veils of illusion and you begin to remember that you are an aspect of Source itself.

When you activate your DNA, your brain’s left hemisphere (divine masculine) re-connects with your right hemisphere (divine feminine), and you are able to explore new realities and are no longer tied to the virus control matrix.

The only thing stopping this ascension process is YOU. Source knows what it is doing, so you know what you are doing. Turn the reigns over and trust. If you are drawn to read this article, then you are ascending.

By Michelle Walling, CHLC