Why We Need to Stand Up to the Illuminati RIGHT NOW

In my previous 7-part series of articles on Who Lucifer Really Is & Why They Are Here, we became aware of the existence of a highly organized group of bloodline families that have essentially been ruling our planet since antiquity. 

There we focused on the spiritual contradictions about who Lucifer was and his ultimate purpose for being here.

Here, we will use that discussion to center ourselves in a more narrowly focused examination of our material world, of what is actually happening on the ground, ‘in the game’ as it were.

Of paramount importance now is that we, as conscious individuals in the awakening community, band together to expose the hidden evils of those in power in order to achieve the particular real-world changes that we came here to instigate.

The Mission of the Bloodline Families

For those who have not read the Lucifer series, I will state briefly the working paradigm for our discussion here. It was revealed by an anonymous source called Hidden-Hand during a set of posts to the Above Top Secret forum in 2008 that the world is run by extraterrestrial beings (individuations of the Lucifer group soul) who have incarnated throughout history into ‘family’ bloodlines that have always held the levers of power in the world.

These extraterrestrial bloodlines have guided the lower human bloodlines (let us call them Illuminati bloodlines, based on the testimony of famed whistleblower Svali) to become the de facto hands-on rulers of the planet. This powerful elite group includes royal families, aristocracy, clergy, top bankers, corporate heads, military heads and people in any other important axes of power and wealth.

Hidden-Hand said that his Lucifer group soul has this particular mission:

“In order to “win” (or more accurately to be successful in) the Game, we must be as Negatively Polarized as possible. Service to Self in the extreme. Violence, War, Hatred, Greed, Control, Enslavement, Genocide, Torture, Moral Degradation, Prostitution, Drugs, all these things and more, they serve our purpose. In the Game.”

The human Illuminati bloodlines, numbering several million people, according to Hidden-Hand, are known to go through extremely harsh and severe training since birth in order to fulfill their mission, which for them is understood to be complete world domination through the use of fear, coercion and deception.

In reality, their mission is merely an extension of the mission of the Lucifer group soul in ‘the game’: provide all manner of evil as a catalyst for human free will, and subsequently human growth and evolution.

And so, we have a basic context to understanding how, at the highest levels of power globally, there is an occult philosophy / religion taught from birth, call it Illuminism (as Svali does), Luciferianism, Satanism, or other such title, which leaves its members with the absolute conviction that conducting themselves in the most self-serving ways possible, in the complete absence of any compassion, respect, or humaneness towards human beings outside of the cult (and in some ways, within it) is the road to their collective salvation.

What Salvation?

From a spiritual angle, their salvation involves acting in full service-to-self 95% of the time, in order to ‘ascend’ from the 3rd Density to the 4th Density (again, this was all covered in the Lucifer series).

At the appointed time, there was supposed to be a return of their demonic leader, and their families would openly rule the planet, putting the rest of the human population in abject slavery, a population which, as prophesied by the Georgia Guidestones, would have been reduced to a manageable 500 million.

Alas. As we concluded in the Lucifer series, the human bloodlines were actually fooled into believing this, in order that they would fulfill their mission properly.

The real goal was to help prepare all of humanity for the ‘Harvest,’ which represents the ‘Ascension’ of those that become ready to move into a higher density of existence. While ascension has not yet happened, there is a growing feeling that the rule of the bloodline families has passed its expiry date, and it is time for them to step down.

In ‘An Open Letter to the Illuminati Bloodline Families‘ that comes to us from Adamu, a Pleiadian entity channeled through a healer named Zingdad, there is an assertion that some of the more spiritually inclined bloodline members are starting to realize that there is an energetic shift going on, a change about to take place, and…

“…that the time of your watching over humanity is at an end. Indeed, that it is ending without the return of your master, your dark god-king. And that there is no longer any real hope that he ever will return. You are on your own. Your secret prophecies have come to naught.”

There is much insider testimony, from sources of David Wilcock and others, that confirms that although the Illuminati bloodlines achieved tremendous power in the world historically and seemed to be invincible, and they looked like they were on the cusp of open world rule through novus ordo seclorum only a few short years ago, things have not been working out for them of late. Adamu describes the current situation for them:

“[Humanity] are almost ready to be taken and controlled. But… right here at the very last… you find yourselves losing grip here there and everywhere. You find your attention being constantly diverted by all manner of seemingly trivial, but irritating, diversions. And in concert, your energy and attention is so diverted that you can never quite act to gain total power.”

There is even some contention that the entire Luciferian group soul has left the playing field, as it were, that perhaps even they were deceived by the Council of Elders as to their mission to create a ‘Negative Ascension,’ and that now the stage is set for human beings to choose what will happen next. If indeed that is the case, then what is our mission, as conscious individuals in the awakening community?

The Mission of the Awakening Community

Our first objective needs to be awareness. Awareness is curative. And so it becomes very important that we start to fathom and then piece together what has been an all-encompassing hidden network of violence, evil, and inhumanity that the Illuminati bloodlines have had in place since long before any of us were born.

For those who would argue that we should not give credence or attention to these dark forces, for fear of giving then more ‘reality,’ I would respectfully suggest that this a rather disempowering form of ‘spiritual bypass’.

Just as we must look at our own shadows for our own healing and freedom, so too do we as a collective need to acknowledge and confront the roots of darkness and evil on our planet to begin to heal ourselves and come together as a collective, a collective which ultimately will not exclude even the worst perpetrators.

We need neither obsess with nor become numb to the darkness, but rather give it solemn and courageous attention in order to come to a more holistic understanding of ourselves as a species.

For the Skeptics

For those who don’t believe the Illuminati exist, but have gotten this far in the article, I first applaud you for your open-mindedness.

But secondly, I would ask you if you have a better and more cohesive explanation for why humanity has been so pervasively fraught with war and destruction, economic fraud of the highest possible kind, drug abuse and trafficking, human and child sex and slave trafficking, murder and human sacrifice, mind-control and genetic experimentation, perversion of the food and water supply, chemtrails and weather warfare, and other crimes against humanity that often reveal the hand of a powerful hidden authority in action.

If you don’t have a better explanation, then let’s agree to the use of the term ‘Illuminati’ to represent the central brain and network of these activities, whether or not the real central power identifies itself fully or partially as such.

And then let’s look at all the clues, events, and testimony and see if there’s a way we can piece together the puzzle and gain a big-picture understanding.

This will be the purpose of subsequent articles I will be writing on this subject. From this understanding, we can prepare ourselves for the appropriate actions that we can take in the world as part of our mission.

End Times

I truly believe we are in the prophesied ‘End Times’ right now. But this does not mean our world is going to be destroyed. It means the old order will fall, and there are many signs of this happening already.

The watershed moment awaits our readiness to put a new order in its place, with values catalyzed by but antithetical to those of the old order; a new order founded on our highest and most positive collective ambitions as a species.

By Richard Enos, Collective-Evolution.com