Smart Cities of the Future Will Be Like ‘Nazi Germany On Steroids’: No Privacy, No Freedom, No Free Enterprise

Making our cities smarter and smarter may pacify our enemies — the dynastic elites and other “globalist thugs,” that endorse Agenda 21 and the New Urban Agenda — but what will we do when those same cities disintegrate into no-go zones?

by Mary Taylor (excerpt)

When you read this week’s headlines about problems in “progressive” cities like Portland, you may want to head for the hills rather than live in one.

A Fox News article headlined “Trouble in Portlandia” details the death threats, homelessness and rampant crime that is driving companies and families away from making a home in this oh-so-progressive city.

At the same time, world leaders have adopted the New Urban Agenda to show us how a “fundamentally transformed” world should look.

And, surprise – the agenda promotes building Smart Cities just as liberal and progressive as downtown Portland.

Its message is, “Run — don’t’ walk — to join our utopian communities!”

But looking closely at the Agenda’s major goals, we can guess just how utopian these cities will be.

While supporters promise they will be “centers of cultural and social well-being,” the ultimate outcome will be the end of free enterprise and capitalism, moving us closer to a one-world economic paradigm.

In other words, people will live as one big, bland homogeneous society with a single-minded purpose that parallels that of Babel—to build a worldwide order without God.

While Babylon’s aims were high — right to the gates of heaven, in fact — the sky isn’t necessarily the limit for modern builders with today’s resources.

Just consider that the new urban cities will have cutting-edge technology to build “cyber systems” that can monitor and control everyday physical processes that we take for granted.

The danger is that liveability gives way to a Big Brother-type society where secrecy and paranoia abound, as in George Orwell’s book “1984”. Emerging technology could provide a way to punish individualism and independent thinking as “thoughtcrimes”.

Due to the widespread use of sensors and videos, data collection will abound in the cyber cities, according to an article on the U.S. Patriot website.

It cites research from innovative centers like the Qualcomm Institute where “we can look at future cities and imagine a world where cars and buildings are alive and function like a nervous system.”

“In these cities, you’ll see billions of sensors throughout all walls, frames, floors, and doors which track all forms of movement, and monitor every aspect of life,” the site reports.

“It’s like Nazi Germany on steroids.”