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India Is Allegedly Polio-Free But Cases of “Non-Polio” Paralysis Are Abundant

The Indian Institute of Health Management and Research, University, Jaipur, said that despite India being polio-free, the growing cases of [allegedly] non-polio acute flaccid paralysis is a huge cause of concern.

India was declared free of the wild polio virus in January 2011 however cases of flaccid paralysis continue to be reported in thousands from across the country.

“Inspite of the WHO declaring India polio-free, there has been an increase in the cases of non-polio paralysis. It is a huge cause of concern,” said Dr SD Gupta, president, IIHMR University.

In 2004, 12,000 cases of [allegedly] non-polio paralysis were reported which increased to 53,563 cases by 2012.

According to the data published by the union health ministry in July, 2015, the total number of [allegedly] non-polio acute flaccid paralysis (NPAFP) cases across the country were 18,141, of which 5918 were reported from UP, 668 from Rajasthan, 102 from Telangana, 385 from Karnataka and 865 from Maharashtra, among others.

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In order to mitigate the risks of the importation of the wild polio virus, India has set up more than 100 vaccination posts along the international borders of India with Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Bhutan.

Environmental surveillance through testing of sewage samples for polio is also being done at Mumbai, Delhi, Bihar, West Bengal and Punjab.