Large Cross Monument on Greek Island Leveled to the Ground Because it Could be ‘Offensive to Muslim Migrants’

The ancient mythical Greek island of Lesbos is today better known as anchorage ground for human traffickers and the problems and conflicts that have arisen in connection with the boat traffic.

by Emma R.

It is now reported that a large cross monument on the Greek Orthodox Christian island has been leveled to the ground. This after a group claiming to promote intercultural coexistence argued that the cross could be perceived as offensive to the predominantly Muslim boat migrants.

The cross monument was built on the cliffs of Apellia, beneath the castle of Mytilene, in memory of people who have died in the sea. According to the local coexistence group, however, the cross was offensive because many who have drowned, and many migrants on the island are not Christians.

The removed cross monument

The local newspaper on the island reports that the group has also received support from some aid organizations that expressed similar negative opinions about the cross-shaped memorial monument.

A letter was sent to the Island’s port minister and mayor, in which the coexistence group claimed that the cross was placed there to prevent migrants from swimming.

The letter stated that the initiators of the monument were “aspiring crusaders” with racist and intolerant motives who abused the Christian cross, which should be a symbol of love and sacrifice. And they therefore called for the monument to be demolished.

According to RT News: “The cross had stirred controversy in the area as residents claimed it could raise tensions between locals and refugees who were not necessarily Orthodox.”

And that was what happened. Just a few days later, at night, the whole monument was leveled to the ground. The demolished remains of the cross remain as rubble on the site.

The attack by the coexistence group on the monument and the demolition of it has aroused strong reactions in large parts of the local population who believe that the deed goes against the Christian religious beliefs shared by a majority of the inhabitants of the Island.

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