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The Era of Celebrity Influence Is Over

If you were paying attention, and if you were able to be honest with yourself, you noticed something very interesting happen during the 2016 election. Celebrities became totally irrelevant.

by Tiffany FitzHenry

Right before our eyes, these once walking, talking, receptacles of global influence became a silly, powerless, feckless, impotent, frustrated, angry, little, mob. And we had a front row seat to all of it.

We watched, in real-time, as their worst nightmare came true; we completely stopped caring about them. And our ambivalence is clearly their kryptonite.

If you recall Sally Field’s painfully pathetic Oscar’s speech from decades ago, when she gushed like a preschooler on the playground: “You like me, you really like me,” it’s pretty obvious this narcissistic insecurity is their driving force — us caring about and idolizing them.

But now we know too much. We know how the prison pyramid works. We know they’ve done dark things to get where they are.

Here are some musicians who admitted on video (the list is much longer) to have “sold their souls to the devil”:

We know that ‘us listening to them’ is not only their deepest desire, it is the purpose for which they were created and why they are allowed to exist. Their influence is the currency on which they survive. And, as of this writing, their influence has officially flatlined.

‘Celebrity,’ as we’ve known it, is dead.

The death of celebrity influence is an amazing phenomenon to witness within the greater awakening that’s happening on this planet. It’s something they never expected, that’s why it’s completely rocked their world. That’s why they keep going back to the same tired old playbook.

That’s why the embarrassing bloodbath has continued for 2 years, and why the whole thing’s gotten worse, much, much worse… for them. No one’s listening, no one’s watching their silly awards shows.

The entire thing they used to be; the few, the special, the select, the chosen, the unattainably influential… it’s all finished. Done. FOREVER.

Now, bear in mind, going forward, people will do great things and become known and celebrated the world over. But that is an organic thing, whereby a person creates and maintains all their own influence, stays in their own power and never becomes the puppet of a satanic cabal.

That’s never what our De Niros and Streeps and Clooneys were. Our starlets we’re the Gucci wearing equivalent of fake news. For decades the stars of screen and stage have been totally pretend, manufactured, deep-state deceptions. Literal holograms of a projected reality.

A big fat Botox injected lie of the control matrix.

Looking at this photo now feels like recalling a bad dream, doesn’t it? Seriously, these people are idiots. And they thought we were idiots too. They thought we’d never figure out their rouse. Too bad for them, the jig is up. It’s a new day, their time is over. Once we saw what they were, the whole sham collapsed instantly.

Tom Cruise is a CIA puppet.
Jerry Bruckheimer is a Pentagon puppet.
Ben Affleck is a CIA puppet.
Michael Bay is a Pentagon puppet.
Will Smith is a CIA puppet.
Jon Favreau is a Pentagon puppet.
Dwayne Johnson is a CIA puppet.
James Gunn is a Pentagon puppet. pic.twitter.com/ZJuvtzEsoR

— Tiffany FitzHenry (@Tiff_FitzHenry) August 21, 2018


‘Agent of influence’ — a person who works within the government or media of a target country to influence national thought & policy. pic.twitter.com/c9yErPgQp8

— Tiffany FitzHenry (@Tiff_FitzHenry) September 29, 2018

Understand, it’s not the end of the line for filmmaking, or actors or writers, quite the opposite in fact. We are on the cusp of an absolute Renaissance the likes of which the world has never seen.

But it is, however, the end of the line for the closed off, centralized, prison-pyramid system, and for the shadow created cult of “celebrity.” Bad news for deep state drones Jennifer Lawrence and Brad Pitt, terrifying news for the global elite cabal, incredible news for humanity.

They Really Thought We’d Follow the Celebrities

The genuinely psychopathic fucks who’ve been secretly running the planet for, like, centuries, hoarding all the wealth, resources and secret knowledge and keeping us as unknowing slaves locked in a dystopian prison pyramid, these bloodline jerk-offs are used to the masses (that’s us) doing what we’re told.

They are so used to herding us, quite easily, like good little sheep. None of them saw any of this coming. Our awakening is their nightmare scenario come true. And what a glorious sight that is to behold.

They’re used to us buying what we’re told, listening to the music we’re given, watching the movies they make for us to watch, and most importantly they’re used to us thinking what we’re told, like we always did.

Until, suddenly, we didn’t.

It’s incredible to think this seriously ever worked. But work it did. And for a very long time. 

Then, like a scene out of the eerily prophetic 80’s cult classic THEY LIVE, one day we just all started to see everything as it actually was:

And when we looked at Hollywood we saw a bunch of out of touch rich assholes telling us what to think and what to do in suspiciously coordinated fashion.

What’s exciting to understand is that we’re the ones who changed. It gives me a burst of quantum adrenaline to know that we decided collectively, to enter a new age, one where truth and authenticity matters more than manufactured influence and the cult of celebrity.

This wondrous new place forming around us is like the rising of a brand new planet, a paradise for humanity and an absolute elite dystopia, where once worshiped titans, heroes, and idols go to die.

Think about it. It wasn’t long ago when a global pop star could make an endorsement or say or do something, and like a hive of automated drones, we’d all react. Predictably. Right on cue.

But now, the great awakening has changed everything. Now, their old once tried and true tricks are having the opposite effect.

Now, we are sheep no more

There is a soundbite I keep stored right in the front of my brain which I playback often for my own amusement as I sit by myself at traffic lights. It’s the cocky, suave voice of George Clooney arrogantly declaring from an exclusive press junket in Europe, “There’s not going to be a president trump.”

I think of those words and the pompous tone with which he delivered them and just because he didn’t get his way, I throw my head back and give a big yogi belly laugh. Not because I care at all about the false construct of left right politics, but because the whole purpose for which he was manufactured has gone to shit. And it’s delicious.

We have been lead to believe so many lies. Chief among them is the lie about what “famous people” are. World famous actors and musicians, how they got there, and why? We’re made to imagine that these people are just better artists or more skilled actors. Lies, all lies. The truth is, there are millions upon millions of more talented people.

2016, the celebrity smackdown heard round the world.

We used to listen. We used to care about the things they endorsed, the things they told us to do, the details of their personal lives, the exotic vacations they took and what they thought. It’s just, well, now we don’t give a flying f#ck. Like, at all!


Despite that Twitter manufactured 10 trending hashtags about it, we don’t actually care about Meghan and Harry being pregnant. 

We. Don’t. Care.

All we see now is that they clearly want us to care. The truth is, they’re a young couple who just got married… like, of course they’re pregnant, sorry, we’re just not into it. Why? Because we know too much.

Are these freaks reptile aliens? Honestly, I don’t know.

But I’m pretty certain they have parties where they hunt actual human beings and damn sure they are part of the demonic elite pedophile ring that has long ruled the planet. So, needless to say, we’re all done idolizing them and their spawn.

CIA Whistleblower: Exposing the Roles of the CIA, Bushs and Rockefellers in the Global Sex Trafficking of Children


We know what these elites and these idols are all about now. We know what goes on at the top, we know dark deeds are required to get there and dark deeds are required to stay there. We know now that no one has attained the height of fame and fortune in this old dying false world without selling their soul.

So, Taylor Swift can take to Instagram all she wants, no one is listening to soul-sellers anymore.

In fact, behold, the Swift effect:

Celebrity endorsements are now having the opposite effect! Because we see through the illusion, we know what they are, how they were created and for what purpose. To make us sheep. Those days are clearly over.

Not to be outdone by pop singers and movie stars, athletes from the hard court to the tennis court to the football field, have also lost their luster.

Some days I get the feeling our illusions are going out of their way to get shattered, things veer into the land of the bizarre more often than not lately. Again, bad news for the prison pyramid which has used these puppets to distract and control us, and it is great news for the betterment of humanity.

The more we awaken to the totally transparent truth about everything in our world, the higher our consciousness rises. And the higher our consciousness rises, the closer we get to the beautiful, righteous world that is our birthright.