The Law of One — Information Released By An Illuminati Priest

Information Received by Carla L. Rueckert

The Law of One information was received by channeling to Carla L. Rueckert from Ra. The information found here, is in her book “Living The Law of One, 101: The Choice”.

This information was received in the early 1980’s.

The philosophy behind the Law of One material is that, the universe and all things in it are one system. There is one creator and a unified creation. There is one creator and we are all his beloved children.

It states we re-incarnate many times, learning and growing with each new lifetime. We are all seeking the truth in our own personal way, what you wish for and seek will automatically be drawn to you. The universe is alive with information, waiting for us to find.

We are born into this physical world, we are taught to seek money, property and power, deep down we instinctively know there is much more than this. Some of us pursue this line of reasoning and some of us are so caught up with the physical world we get lost.

We are seeking a new reality, a new view of the physical and spiritual world in which we live. What am I doing here? We ask ourselves.

When we are unaware in the physical world we are playing the small game of life, when we are awake in the spiritual world we are playing the Bigger Game of Life.

We have stepped up a level, we are learning more, desiring knowledge, no longer trapped in our physical world, and we are starting to understand what is actually going on around us.

We view the world with new eyes. We see what does not really matter and that which is really important. Petty differences no longer interest us. We are now looking at the larger picture.

We are searching for the truth in everything. We are a Player in the Game of Life. There is light and dark, there is positivity and negativity. We choose which polarity is most aligned to our true selves.

We now flit between the small game and the Big Game, learning more as we go along.

Positive polarity is achieved when our lives are 51% service to others or higher, negative polarity is achieved when we have 95% service to self. Those who fall in between these two figures will reincarnate in a similar density to learn more.

Those 51% service to others and the 95% service to self will move on. The service to others people seek to know themselves and to be themselves. They radiate unconditional love for themselves and for others.

Those with 95% service to self, identify themselves with ideas, intents, goals and possessions and the people and things they can control. They get totally lost in their own ego. They do not seem able to open their hearts to others. They disregard all rules except those that suit them.

De-personalization of others is at the heart of service to self-thinking. We start out our lives as service to self. We soon learn that other people’s feelings are important too, we balance what is helpful to us and what is helpful to others in choosing how to behave. From then on we choose our path.

We find ourselves flitting between the two types in different situations. Service to others people are aware and come from a place of love and understanding, they do not judge others or assume they know everything. They learn about themselves and in so doing learn about others.

Information Released By An Illuminati Priest

Similar information regarding the Law of One was released in an article by a bloodline priest who stated that, a select handful of his bloodline family are required to make communication known to their subjects (that’s us apparently).

In the beginning there is the Infinite One. The source of all that is, within it is unlimited potential, waiting to become. There is unity, infinite intelligence and infinite energy. The two are one.

The difference with this material is that although he believes in one infinite creator, he says that our world was created by a creator who is not the one infinite creator. Although he states that ultimately all are a part of the one infinite creator.

We all have free will to know and experience ourselves as an individuated, though unified aspect of the one. Wherever any form of physical matter exists, there is love, light and divine intelligent energy at its core.

He calls our existence “The Game of Life”. All of this physical life is a very intricate and skilfully designed game, whereby the one infinite creator plays the game of forgetting who it is, so that it can learn to remember, and in so doing, can experience and know itself as creator all the way down to us as tiny individuated sparks of all that is.

He also states that 51% or over on the positive path will graduate to fourth density positive and everyone 95% negative polarity for ourselves will graduate to fourth density negative. If we do not make either of these we will be trapped in the third density cycle.

Never take what another says to you as the truth. Your purpose here is to find your own truth. You must use your own discernment at all times.

He says to meditate on that which he has shared and listen to your inner feelings. Feelings are the language of your soul. Your essence can never be destroyed.

Do you look at others and think how you would like to change them or do you love and accept them as they are. If we can accept others as they are, we can then accept ourselves as we are.

All thought is creative, when we are negative about a person, they become more negative. Focus instead on the things you like about a person and watch them transform. This won’t happen instantly, a lot of work will need to be done.

Your main purpose in the Game is to work upon yourself. To develop and transform yourself into a more loving and positive being. Look at the things in life that you love to do. Ask yourself what makes you happy. Experience these things as often as possible.

Always do your best not to feed the fear and paranoia in the world as this will lower your vibration to one of negativity.

The most important thing is not to force things. Do not burn others with your light, but rather allow them to be drawn to your light and be of service to those who come to you willingly.

Remember always this is a beautiful game we are playing here and we are co-creating with our infinite creator.


This information is interesting to say the least.

The message is a positive one, suggesting we turn to love and positivity rather than fear and negativity.

The negative polarity is a catalyst to make us more aware and curious, as to what is really going on.

This is just a small sample of the Law of One material, I would suggest that everyone does their own research into this subject and draws their own conclusions.

By Julie Alexander, 

About the author: I realized what was really going on in the world in 2013. Since then I have been trying to make sense of it all and help others along the way. I am still learning more each day. You can visit my Facebook here and my website here.