Adventures Into A New Reality Of The Third Eye

“How did you get your human body?” I heard a voice, zealous to know.

I tried to ascertain who I was talking to. It seemed to be a male entity about five feet six inches tall, asking me where I got my body. What kind of question was that? I did not think about where I got my physical frame from, I just have the one I got when I was born!

The person looked ethereal, wispy, was not a gray alien or hybrid. Its figure, though human, was extra-corporeal. The year was about 2005, I was approximately twenty-seven and had no idea my third eye was opening in a most dramatic way.

My God, I thought, am I developing schizophrenia?

I did not answer the question because I did not know what to say. What I kept seeing, hearing and feeling caused me much emotional upheaval and through it all I had to keep my feet on terra firma – keep my job, pretend I did not hear and see into the spirit realms.

I did not smoke marijuana or use ayahuasca to hon this experience. Universe was leading me to ascend whether I liked it or not….. I did not appreciate it.


It is daytime and I am more asleep than awake, aware that I felt absolutely marvelous. Later on I thought that one of the reasons why I felt so good was because of the conversation I had with an angelic being as I slept. There was no sense of threat or fear, I knew I was protected.

I giggled and laughed like a little girl as I spoke to my guardian angel. He asked me if I was sleeping.

“Noooo!” I say as I laugh in glee, “I am not actually asleep.” I got a happy answer, “But you look like you’re asleep,” my friend answered tenderly. I just had to add explanation to this debate. “No, I just look like I am asleep but I am actually a-wake!”

I stressed as continued to talk to the being.

Apparently, this was the last part of the conversation because as I awoke, the angel was gone, leaving me with this snippet as total recall.

Another time I am out in our local park, sitting on a felled log, set at the side of the path amongst shady tamana trees. Squirrels dart to and fro and the local birds are chirping. This morning I was a bit angry on account of a situation at home. As I sat there I spoke out how I felt into nature and into what I now know, is the Universe at large. 

Lo and behold, the birds chirped comments to my statements. “That person is weird, totally weird!” I heard them say. I chuckle quietly to myself as I realize I had an audience. I have heard not only these ones but several birds that hang around our yard as they feed on the yearly produce of our fruit trees.

Some actually trilled that they would miss me when I move out on my own. This sparked feelings of tenderness and oneness with nature because I did not think that animals were so highly aware of humanities activities.


I remember when our beloved dog ‘Woobie’ died we were depressed for weeks. She was a beautiful white Pompek mix who had been with us for almost fourteen years. Although the veterinarian told my brother she may get an operation to prolong her life, we realized it did not make sense, she was so weak she would have died anyway.

As my brother sat and cried, spending whatever time he could with her while she could still hear us, she wagged her tail strongly to tell us it was okay to let go. The BIG SHOCK came afterwards. I was lying on my bed thinking of Woobie and suddenly, an angelic being dressed in robes appeared at the foot of the bed.

Now, the angel did not look like Jesus Christ or anything, just let me make that clear. Interestingly enough in the crutch of his right hand was A DOG! From the shape and lower body fuzz it was impressed upon me that it was Woobie! breathing in and out with her tongue lolling out as it did in life. 

I got the sense that she was happy where she was and that I should be glad where I was too. From this I learned the vital truth that nothing that we love on this earth is really lost. The Universe or God Source, whatever you want to call it, has a record of every living thing that has a right to exist on this earth.

I make this statement because I believe there is life here that Prime Source Creator did not sanction, and I believe these are the forms that do evil. However, seeing Woobie’s spirit gave me much encouragement that she was in very good hands and at peace.


One night I am sleeping with my head facing the wall, just under the window. I turn towards the other side of my room which is occupied by a large wooden wardrobe. As my eyes open slightly I notice a wavy four footed, convex shaped silvery portal, smack dab where the façade of my draws should be.

My mind says this cannot be true, that I must be dreaming in some way. However, something is trying to access my room – I actually hear the bouncing sound, like a force hitting back and forth against a barrier. Call it drudgery, but I turn my head back towards the left wall and window and return to sleep.

My mind shut down, I was not willing to believe there could be something trying to come in…..and not through the door. Almost two weeks pass before I ask God Source what made the din that night.

“It was one of the agents of Satan, trying to see who he could kidnap. BUT I DID NOT LET HIM IN!”

I heard. Good God, it was actually not a dream at all! Now I must say here, due to my Christian upbringing I heard the voice describe the presence as ‘Satan’ but it could have been any entity on the prowl for a kidnap victim.

I firmly believe that a protective angelic presence prevented an attack. Whatever it was could not manifest in my room – it was pushed back out into the space time continuum, or ethers, by Divine hands.


Another time, I am awakened from sleeping by the sound of some type of cosmic ray descending from above. The eerie frequency is like the low hum of a thousand wasps and as it makes contact with my ‘headspace’ I am aware that everything seems a hue of light grey – you know like the tuning of a television screen from peas and rice to brighter grey white.

This time I feel cold fright because it was the noise that woke me up and I do not know what on earth is happening to me.

“Mommie! Mommie! Mommie!” was the wail of a thirty-something-year-old woman calling desperately for her mother. I realize later I could not have been using my mouth because, again, it was paralyzed shut the entire time. My mother who sleeps in a room a few feet away, did not come to my aid.

Thankfully, as I fully awake the noise ceases and with warmth returning to my body, I am able to sleep peacefully for the rest of the early morning. This time I did not see or hear angels but had the gnosis that everything was going to be fine.

My mother said she heard nothing the next day when I spoke of the incident, which is odd because she claims to hear me talking from further distances than that.


Knowing that I am not alone is important to me. I have family members and even friends that are having paranormal experiences as well. Many are Christians and have had their paradigms smashed by the gnosis that religion is false and offers no real protection. One friend spoke about astral traveling to connect with her eighty-seven-year-old mother, who has recently passed after battling cancer.

She grieves, her mother died worrying about her because at forty-two, she is the last of five children and not particularly well liked by her older, richer, siblings. Though well educated, she is likewise unemployed in a shifting economy. I explain that astral traveling is a normal event for some people.

“But I don’t practice astral traveling,” she says, assured that Christian ethics say it is wrong or demonic to do so.

I expound that you do not have to practice astral traveling, it happens spontaneously, especially during sleep. This same friend has admitted to a very disturbing encounter one night in which she was choked by Lucifer himself.

She said he mocked her continually, saying, “don’t you know me! Don’t you know me! I am Lucifer!” She is a dogmatic Christian and does not want to examine the religious abuse she is facing as proof that something is wrong with this religious paradigm.

Her nights are full of witching hours in which she smells stuff burning and hears screams outside her house when nobody is out there. The thing is, it is inconceivable that anyone could be physically doing such acts so late at night.

I ask the Universe to clear her programming and suggest that the “god” she is worshiping may not really be the One True God Source at all. I describe some of the things I went through and we speak of the dubious origins of Biblical texts.

I ask her to study the evidence, that the god she serves was responsible for billions of deaths during the dark ages AND Transatlantic Slave Trade! She is still mad at ‘god’ for not healing her mother, while I wonder why she is not jubilant that God Source did release her mother from a life time of suffering and a diseased, elderly body.


Though not a mystic or spiritualist, I had my third eye reopen after a series of traumatic events several years ago. As a natural indigo and a member of a family with spiritual gifts, I would suggest to NEVER force the opening of the third eye with drugs or exercises. It will happen naturally, in God’s timing.

Why? One would ask, is it not majestic to be clairaudient, clairvoyant and more spiritually aware? Yes indeed, however, one has to deal with the spiritual activity of entities that are not of Creator.

Also, if a person is suffering with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) there are further stresses. For, in these cases it is difficult to deal with the shadow self, or pesky energies connected to humanity, if unaware it is a part of oneself one is dealing with. In some cases professional psychological care may be necessary. 

The emotional upheaval may be very great and one has to practice good overall hygiene and do much inner work to comprehend more, move into the higher self and be a light to others. One has to learn what to share and whom to share it with.

Seeing through the third eye is a natural gift but not all are ready for it. It may enhance life and aide the raising of earth’s vibration. However, it can detract from you if you cannot cope and start to think you are going crazy.

I guess this is why even as we become more spiritually aware of the Law of Oneness and countless spiritual realms most of us have not yet seen the winning numbers of the lottery (I’m laughing here). Being more clairvoyant does not automatically make one a shaman or spiritual healer.

Otherwise, I can assure you that God Source will always take care of you as you trust that you are Creator’s representative on this earth and co-creators of your own destiny. A hero lies in each of us and the timely, beautiful use of all God given spiritual tools can only enhance us when applied in the right way.

Much love and light,
Odette S.P. Loney