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Criminologist: The Migrant Crisis Brought Muslim Gang Rapes to Germany

According to experts the phenomenon of gang rapes by asylum seekers are increasing in Germany, RTL reports.

Security expert Arnold Pickert:

“We didn’t know these group offences before 2015, that’s why it came here with the refugee wave and is mostly committed here by Arab men from their cultural background.”

The most recent cases include Freiburg and Munich. Six young Afghans are currently in custody with one still on the run in the alleged rape of a 15-year-old girl in Munich.

Another case with seven Syrians in custody and one man with a German citizenship as well as at least two more perpetrators at large.

The gang rape in Freiburg took two weeks to reach the media but criminologist Christian Pfeiffer rejects claims that these stories were kept under wraps on purpose. He believes this can simply be explained with the need of translators for the suspects.

Although both cases are still ongoing, whether or not the cases have been kept from the public on purpose or not, should be second place to the very clear message according to the expert of a whole new area of crime, which has been imported by Germany.