Ex NYPD Officer: “35-40% Of Washington Is Involved In Covering Up Human Trafficking”

Another insider, and a very credible one at that, has stepped forward to expose how prevalent human trafficking actually is in our world, cities, and most notably, in Washington.

by Anna Rodgers

Retired Detective Jim ‘Jimmy Boots’ Rothstein, was a member of the New York City Police Department, and various ‘out of state’ agencies for over a decade where he was assigned to investigate sex trafficking. His job brought him to travel the world investigating how these rings operate.

We have written about this topic many times here at Collective Evolution as we see that this is a subject that must be brought out into the open.  It is estimated that there are over 40.3 million (71% are women) involved in human trafficking globally.

10 million are children under the age of 18, so you can perhaps see why this is a huge problem, and not something we should turn our backs on.

Jim’s career involved many special assignments, being an investigator of task forces to investigate into child and adult prostitution – and even worse – ritualistic killings. Jim saw first hand how the chain of blackmail keeps this all covered up.

The task force would get so far, then once they reported high level people were involved, it would be stopped. The reason? ‘National Security’ was the usual response.

This global cover up is why the average person can deny that this is going on at such rampant levels, because they haven’t heard about it from mainstream news sources. Jim says, politicians aren’t the only people involved behind this cover up, there are also ‘power brokers’ and ‘business people,’ orchestrating this crime against humanity. 

Children, the most innocent of victims, are often used to ‘compromise’ people according to Jim.

Detective Rothstein conducted assignments to see what effects this had on society, and he has also interviewed countless victims as well as helped create a database on prostitution and child trafficking. He has also researched sexual abuse and it’s cover-ups by the hands of the Catholic church.

Detective Rothstein, who was even awarded many medals for his work spanning 13 years, recently spoke with investigative reporter Sarah Westall in a truly explosive interview about how prevalent and high this goes up the chain of politics.

Whilst he retired from the department back in 1980, (he was ‘made retired’ after he arrested several high profile people) Jim has since continued his work as a consultant and undertakes ongoing research into this depraved underground world that is controlling how things operate in our world. 

His knowledge and testimony is an important one, simply because he has been involved and at the forefront in trying to dismantle this network for decades.

In this shocking interview Jim exposes that many charities – even the United Nations – are actually fronts for child trafficking.

When investigators go after the ‘little people’ they are given the ability to do this, but when they want to go after perpetrators at the higher levels, they have their assignments stopped. If they keep going and defy orders, their careers are ruined, or ended short as Jim’s was.

Human Trafficking and pedophilia is not a separate issue according to Jim.

When Sarah asked what effects this has on society Jim had this to say:

“Oh my gosh, the whole gammit of it, you know, how this effects kids, and the people and what the truth was. How it was used to compromise governments, and the military, and law enforcement and every facet of our life is influenced by this.”

Sarah also asked Jim how much of this is going on in the USA and Washington;

“According to my work that I did, and factual things that I saw, 35-40% are compromised and involved. I have it from experts like Robert Mirren and people like that who have it at 80%, and that runs the gammit of everything involved in this, the political and everything else that goes on.”

When asked to elaborate on what ‘involved’ means, and if this was to do with blackmail Jim shared with Sarah the following:

“Yes, that’s what its done for both in industry, politics and our military, again, I have examples as I told you, everything I talk about, I have factual examples of what happened. They were either investigations or cases that I personally did – not, that I read about. So this is what it’s based on.”

Jim shares his experience with the high profile case in the 60’s known as ‘The Son Of Sam‘ (an American serial killer) where he discovered ritualistic murders of animals and children.

He also was involved in what is known as the ‘Franklin’ cover up which involved high level people in Washington. Shockingly, he says that these two cases are actually connected and the Franklin cover up was only a ‘small part of something much larger.’

He also said that he has a ‘long list’ of journalists who had their careers ruined when they tried to publish the truth about this dark organised network. At times, it is very hard to fathom what Detective Rothstein is saying, it is so gruesome.

He mentions cases of ‘hundreds of school kids’ going missing, never to be found again, and that children are also shipped overseas and ‘shared’ amongst other members of these rings.

Jim details so much information during his interview with Sarah that it is impossible to share it all in this article, so it is highly recommended you view this in its entirety for yourself.

However, in closing, Sarah asked if Jim thinks President Trump is doing a good job to help expose these criminals. No matter what your views are on Trump, it is very compelling that he signed an Executive Order and declared a National Emergency regarding human trafficking and corruption, last December.

Ex-CIA: Trump is at War With Elite Pedophile Ring & the Deep State

This is what Detective Rothstein said regarding if Donald Trump has integrity and is going to do something about human trafficking.

“I would say that if anybody is, he’s gonna do it.  You know, that gets interesting he’s doing a business deal, but I can guarantee one thing – that he is going to do what he wants to do, and you know, if you know the right people…

“Just look at whats happened, people talk to us all of a sudden, and they are talking to us, why? You know, you gotta remember, New York, is where the money is, and they still gotta have money and you know, he was definitely one of the big players, when it came to the big money.”

Cryptically, Jim alludes to ‘something big’ in the works:

“There’s some stuff in the works right now, that, some of the stuff being exposed, especially on this human trafficking, pedophilia and the stuff with the church, is not happening on its own.”

Sarah asks him if Trump has something to do with this, and the reported 56,000 sealed indictments;

“Yes. And I can’t tell you why I know this. That certain things are coming out, and there was something that was supposed to come out, that’s why every Friday at 2 o’clock a guy watched the news and if there was a secret grand jury that comes out, it was on Friday afternoon and now I understand it will not be until after the Election. In fact, something was on the computer this morning about some big secret grand jury they are worried about.”

Time will tell what Jim is alluding to.  Till then, we must not ignore this huge global issue.

Watch Part 2 below: