9 Signs You Are Experiencing A Synchronicity And what It Means

You have probably heard about synchronicities, or maybe you are reading this article exactly because of a synchronicity bringing you here.

Anyway, synchronicities happen to all of us who are open to receive cosmic messages, to anyone who is tuned into their own truth and their own soul.

Our psyche picks up trillions of bits of information from the world around us but there are certain segments that capture our attention.

Consciously we might not be aware why some things show up, and why we start noticing these things, but there is a reason why our psyche wants you to see these signs.

That’s basically how synchronicities work, it’s your subconscious mind trying to get your attention or give you an answer you are consciously looking for.

9 Signs You Are Experiencing A Synchronicity:

1. You get some call, random emails, or see people you haven’t seen for years, and right when you were thinking about him or her, they appeared in front of you.

2. Something is going to come randomly to you to help you when you actually have some problems.

3. You watch TV series or movies, you listen to a song, and while you do so, you feel as you watch or listen about your life.

4. Some strangers randomly talk with you about the exact problems you are dealing with.

5. The right individuals just show up simultaneously, you know they are the ones you need.

6. You get a reassuring message out of nowhere, radio host, billboard, movie tagline.

7. You see reoccurring of certain signs, symbols or repetition of number sequences such as 111, 222, 333.

8. You scroll through social media and pop into a meme or an article that reveals you the exact answers you need.

9. You meet a certain person at a random place and you feel there is something deep within them that you need to discover and that can help you.

Reference: Lifecoachcode.com