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David Wilcock: “I Was Threatened By The Rothschilds”

In a recent interview on Fade To Black with Jimmy Church, David Wilcock talks about his recent experience of being threatened by someone who was “doing a favor for the Rothschild’s.” This was a person that David knew, trusted, and was friends with.

In more specifics, David received a phone call from this person stating that he needs to dump Corey Goode or Corey would be taken to the slaughterhouse, and he would hate to see that happen to him too. The person stated they were saying this to him as a favor for the Rothschild’s.

I typically don’t get too into writing about things like this all that often, but felt this was important as people need to understand how much we are not only gaining more power which is causing greater fear in the elite, but also how forces within and without are trying to rip apart the conscious and disclosure space.

The question becomes Why Corey? Not just as a threat to powerful people, but his story seems to threaten some in the disclosure space. And his popularity is often read as something that must be driven by the elite as opposed to it just resonating deeply with people.

Where does this perception come from? Are we asking deep enough questions before making such claims? Has the space become overly paranoid as opposed to effectively critical in thinking and feeling?

Why Corey?

Why is Corey such a threat to people? Is it his lack of proven credentials? The depth and detail of what he saying? The establishment his testimony threatens? His story is likely one that is most corroborated, yet because it is so detailed and ‘out there’ for some, it’s also the most hated. Why?

From my observation, Corey’s testimony and popularity seems to threaten egos more than anything. Of course, it threatens the cabal too. Let’s explore these two factors.

Since the day Corey began getting a lot more attention online and via Cosmic Disclosure, people have either loved him or hated him, and the mix is still pretty 50 – 50 it seems.

I got in touch with Corey and became friends with him 3 years ago, in that time, and while comparing my experience with dozens of other people working in the ET and disclosure space, I have come to know Corey as one of the most authentic and legitimate individuals in the space.

He never talks poorly of others, always admits when he doesn’t know something, and stays grounded in his message, bring it back to the heart.

I TRULY cannot say that about all of the others I have worked with in this space, most of whom you probably know. Anger, jealousy, control, trash talking, ego etc. plague this space in a big way.

It isn’t to say these people are bad or unethical, it’s to say that we’re all going through our own journey in this, and have personal work to do. The more we process that which is brought up along that journey, the more we create peace.

Observing this over the last 10 years has caused me to create 2 rules when dealing with anyone in the space:

1. If I hear something that is hearsay from someone else, usually trash talking or something of that nature, I go directly to the person it’s about and talk to them about the info. I don’t care to name names, more so just talk about the facts.

Most of the time, you find out the trash talking was BS or misconstrued. You also often find that people have never actually taken the time to speak to their colleagues about the issue at hand.

2. I remember that like me, and everyone else on the planet, we are all souls on a journey. We each have our everyday challenges we are working through. With this level of empathy towards others, we are much more open to discerning information.

These rules have helped to bridge gaps between people, repair relationships and ultimately work towards creating a more solid and united disclosure movement grounded in the practice of living through authenticity. An important and sometimes missing aspect of this space.

Every time I have met someone with an opinion about anyone in the space, including opinions about Corey, I ask questions and dig. 99% of the time I find out a person’s opinion comes from assumption after assumption and includes a ton of hearsay, with very little conversation or deep questioning.

Corey is a good friend of mine and we discuss various things unfolding in the space from time to time. Regardless of that mutual respect, I still feel his information and story is highly authentic. I have received a good amount of backlash for talking about Corey Goode from time to time.

The backlash I still don’t think is warranted given at some point we have to stop pretending we are going to learn everything about ET’s and UFOs from documents and government, and instead begin to realize testimony and asking big questions is very important to pay attention to and explore.

We are doing to some whistleblowers what we get mad at Facebook for doing: we shoot first and ask questions later, or don’t even ask questions at all. Why?

Asking The Big Questions

In similar fashion to the all-out barrage in claims of ‘fake news’ on stories about elite pedophilia and child trafficking that purveys mainstream media, the all-out ousting of Corey Goode from events and talks, as well as threats directly from those in power, shows he is not only a threat to the elite but also to some of the egos within the space.

So we have to ask the big question of “WHY?”

Does he discredit the space? Likely not when you truly pay attention to his story and details. Does he threaten the deepest aspects of the cabal? Yes. Does he spread a different message and energy than sometimes seen in the ET/UFO space? Yes, and this can sometimes make people uncomfortable.

Corey’s testimony is one that touches MANY aspects of what the cabal has been hiding for many years. It doesn’t simply look at one issue. If his testimony is true, he can also provide deep detail behind how everything functions. With the right popularity and understanding, this could expose many deep aspects of the cabal all in one go.

What a difference a year makes. This has led to the current Censorship & Blacklisting by ‘leaders’ in our community to control the narrative. May 2019 shine more truth on this Community. CG: https://t.co/I801zijWBK — Corey Goode (@CoreyGoode) December 31, 2018

You may think I’m saying this to defend Corey, I’m truly not, I just believe deeply in uniting this space, staying authentic and instead of pointing blame on others all the time, I choose to spread the message of doing the internal work to explore our differences vs. running, hiding, talking crap and avoiding the big questions.

This makes people uncomfortable because it asks them to face themselves. To take responsibility for themselves. It asks us to grow up.

So Without further adieu, here is David Wilcock discussing his recent phone call where he was threatened to dump Corey Goode. Pay attention to the details carefully. Something is going on here and powerful people are feeling threatened. This is a very big piece of good news when you truly think about it.

The Takeaway

As I’ve always said, if we don’t learn to how to work our minds, intuition and physical bodies together as we explore life and information, we may only be limited by each individual aspect.

This is to shut off aspects of ourselves that can truly make deeper sense of what is going on in our world. Just as material science only views a tiny aspect of our reality, leaving it limited in its scope.

If we cannot come together and unite in the ET and UFO space and are always left fighting and divided based on small differences, we will only continue to reflect the limited level of consciousness we are claiming the elite is suppressing us to stay within. Yet here we are, choosing to stay within it ourselves.

Reference: Collective-evolution.com