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Hidden in Plain Sight: 13 Family Bloodlines of the Illuminati

Is the world being controlled and ruled by invisible hands? Are we headed in the direction of a New World Order propagated by a few choice elite? Who are these elite? Mysticurious sheds light on the widely disputed topic of the 13 Family Bloodlines of the Illuminati who are believed to control humanity by holding the reins of power.

by Mysticurious Staff

An Undisclosed Secret!

William Huntington Russell from the Russell bloodline is said to be the founder of the Skull and Bones Order, which is assumed to be another branch of the Illuminati.

It is believed that occult practices of higher level use blood as a medium to induce power in an individual’s life to help attain a higher material as well as spiritual status, and hence, it has been a tradition since the ancient times that a ruler always emerges from a royal bloodline.

To maintain the standards set by these occult groups it was mandatory for the person from such royalty to marry within the bloodline to keep their generations undefiled and subject to such continual practices.

There have been many conspiracy theories regarding the chosen elite who rule over the world with an iron hand in the velvet glove technique. They choose to remain hidden from the public eye through various secret societies, Illuminati being one of them.

The origins of Illuminati and the top 13 bloodlines have always been shrouded in mystery, and has been widely debated by spiritual groups.

Given below is a brief outline on the 13 so-called Satanic Bloodlines who have great financial and political influence, and are presumed to work under the shadow of conspiracy theories and advocate a secret dynastic rule in the world.

13. The Astor Bloodline

There is no historical evidence regarding the origin of this bloodline; however, early genealogical evidence dates as far back as 1620. During the counter-reformation period there were many protestant families that fled the Alpine town of Chiavenna, one such family was that of Giovan Pietro Astor. He fled to Zürich with his wife and two children.

There, he changed his name to Hans Peter Astor, and later Johann Jakob, his grandson, moved to Nussloch in Baden. He had a son Felix who moved to Walldorf, some 30 kilometers South of Heidelberg in 1713, and settled down at a vineyard.

He begot 20 children of whom Johann Jakob became the town butcher. Johann’s son George migrated to London and helped his paternal uncle in an instrument manufacturing business. Then, in 1777, he set up his own flute manufacturing firm and made his younger brother, John Jacob, a partner.

John Jacob migrated to New York in 1783 where he started a business in fur trade. He later invested in the New York real estate business and became America’s first self-made millionaire.

From then on, the Astor family was recognized as the ‘landlords of New York’. There are various estates in New York named after this family like the famous Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, an Astor Row, Astor Court, Astor Place, and Astor Avenue in the Bronx, and the neighborhood of Astoria, Queens.

This family is involved in real estate, political, social, and business investments all across the United States of America and England.

12. The Bundy Bloodline

The Bundy family genealogy is not available historically. This family is in the limelight due to its close connection with the Kennedy and Onassis families.

One of the stories associated with Ted Bundy of the Bundy bloodline is: He was a law student, and fared poorly in law school due to the immense stress he underwent as he spent a lot of time and effort in plotting and murdering beautiful women.

It is said that most serial killers are connected to Satanism. The media and the police have played a major role in suppressing their associations to Freemasonry and Satanism. It is still a mystery as to how Ted, a big Rockefeller fan, was appointed Assistant Chairman of the Washington State Republican Central Committee.

One particular individual from this bloodline known as McGeorge Bundy seems to be in the eye of the storm. He was the U.S. Army Intelligence Officer during World War II, and later served the government as United States National Security Advisor to presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B Johnson.

He was responsible in escalating the role of the U.S. in the Vietnam War during the tenure of President Kennedy and President Johnson. He came from a political family; his brother, William Bundy, was an Attorney and U.S. Intelligence expert with the C.I.A. His other family members were involved in Republican politics.

It is said that he withheld certain important and key information from the presidents, and manipulated them into believing whatever he said. As he was the key advisor, he could easily choose to give only specific set of information to the presidents.

With his family having much political clout, he rose to a powerful position in politics, in the Kennedy and Johnson administrations.

11. The Collins Bloodline

There is no historical evidence of the family origin, most of the activities of this family have been hidden from public eye for long. Claimed to have more occult power than the Rothschilds or the Rockefellers, they choose to stay out of the limelight.

One particular reference has been in the late 1950s and it states that a certain Grande Mother Collins was involved in satanic rituals and used to sacrifice young children for the establishment of the New World Order.

Also the Grande Mother of the Collins approves 7 children as the next heirs and takes an oath from them. 7 other children are sacrificed for each one of these approved children, and the names of these next heirs are written in a quill with the blood of those who were sacrificed.

Some famous personalities of this family: Robert M. Collins, chief newsman for Reuters (Illuminati controlled press) and the Associated Press, Joan Collins, who has been associated with key Illuminati men and some known Satanists.

10. The DuPont Bloodline

The family lineage goes back to Pierre Samuel du Pont de Nemours, the son of Samuel du Pont and Anne Alexandrine Montechanin. His mother practiced occult and was a medium for the spirit world. She naturally taught her son too, though, he denied it vehemently.

He was considered an eminent French writer, economist, and government official. During the French Revolution in France, he emigrated to the U.S. with his sons. DuPont was deeply involved in the French Revolution, he supported it and was also the President of the National Constituent Assembly.

It is said that he and his son Eleuthère Irénée du Pont were among those in the crowd who physically defended Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette from an angry mob try to besiege the Tuileries Palace in Paris, during the insurrection of August 10, 1792. Du Pont ‘s belief was that Nature was the highest God.

After their emigration to U.S., Eleuthère Irénée du Pont started the largest gun powder manufacturing American corporation ― E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company. With his previous experience as a chemist, he took the corporation to new heights, and it grew into the largest black powder manufacturing firm in the world.

Jefferson, a Grand Orient Mason of the famous Nine Sisters Lodge, and an Illuminatus, was a dear friend of Pierre Samuel. He helped Pierre Samuel in his most crucial times. Jefferson was instrumental in arranging the first gunpowder order for the Du Ponts.

The tradition of keeping the family name undefiled and the management of wealth continued, with the Du Pont family taking care in marrying within the bloodline. This family also took active part in politics, and assisted the U.S. government in various negotiable business deals.

They are now running a variety of top-notch companies which are involved in manufacturing, agriculture, chemicals, electronics, food, government, and medical care.

9. The Freeman Bloodline

The family originated from England; however, there is no historical evidence of their genealogy. They have been indirectly linked to the secret sect of Prieuré de Sion and are said to have been members of the secret political group Skull and Bones.

With a lot of members of this family holding prominent positions in society such as scientists, lawyers, and established businessmen, they sure demand much importance in public.

8. The Kennedy Bloodline

The family is of Irish descent, and is sometimes referred to as “America’s Royal Family” with a leaning towards the Democratic Party. This family sort of enjoys an elevated status in society.

The ‘Kennedy Curse’ that surrounds this family has not erased the fact that the Kennedys rose to fame and power during JFK’s reign as the President of the United States, in spite of being dragged into controversies and the occurrence of mysterious deaths.

The evidence of an Illuminati bloodline in this family springs from the fact that JFK was closely related to Anton LaVey (the founder of the Satanic Church in the 60s).

He was romantically involved with several women from this cult group, mainly Jayne Mansfield and Marilyn Monroe. Also, JFK’s father was believed to have friends in the mafia and was a member of the Pilgrim Society which was thought to be an offshoot of Illuminati.

This family still remains in political prominence and has famous personalities associated with this bloodline, namely, Rose Kennedy, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Edwin Schlossberg, Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, William Cavendish, Marquess of Hartington, Sargent Shriver, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Peter Lawford, Ethel Kennedy, Andrew Cuomo, Stephen Edward Smith, Joan Bennett Kennedy, Victoria Reggie Kennedy.

7. The Li Bloodline

The family is presumed to be the most powerful in the Chinese trade market with references to opium trade. The lineage and other details are still shrouded in mystery. They have a long association with the Rockefeller family.

6. The Onassis Bloodline

The family is popularly known as the Greek shipping tycoon. Aristotle Socrates Onassis founded the Olympic Airways, and also made successful business deals with oil companies like Mobil, Socony, and Texaco.

He also owned many shares that secured his control of ninety-five multinational businesses on five continents plus gold processing plants in Argentina and Uruguay, and a large chunk of share in an airline in Latin America.

He, also, amassed $4 million worth of investments in Brazil. Companies like Olympic Maritime and Olympic Tourist; a chemical company in Persia, were his properties.

He was linked with the Kennedy family when Jacqueline Kennedy, John F. Kennedy’s widow, married him. This family is also known as the Golden Greeks for their wealthy legacy.

5. The Reynolds Bloodline

The family is built on the legacy of Richard Joshua ― “R. J.” Reynolds, founder of the R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. They are known to be the wealthiest citizens of Winston-Salem. In 1913, Reynolds Tobacco Company came up with a great innovation ― the packaged cigarette called Camel cigarettes. His business grew to such an extent that he became the sole owner of 121 buildings in Winston-Salem.

He also served as City Commissioner of Winston-Salem in 1884. The descendants of the Reynolds lineage, through their business deals and great philanthropy work, have always influenced the economic and cultural growth in the United States of America, particularly in the south.

4. The Rockefeller Bloodline

They are known as the wealthiest tycoons in the history of America for their association with oil business through their company, Standard Oil. They are also majorly associated to the field of industrial development, politics, and banking.

John D. Rockefeller and William Rockefeller are co-founders of Standard Oil. The family is also associated with real estate renovations and dealings and owns most of the prominent buildings including the Rockefeller Center.

They have been major financial donors to educational institutions like Ivy League, Harvard University, Dartmouth College, Princeton University, Stanford University, Yale University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Brown University, Columbia University, and overseas institutions such as London School of Economics and University College London.

1930s saw the Rockefellers spend huge sums of money for promoting Marxism, a One-World-Government agenda, and Socialism. Maurice Strong, promoter of Mother Gaia worship is closely associated with the Rockefellers.

David Rockefeller backed Maurice Strong and his New Age ideas. Reverend Moon from Korea who calls himself Christ also found favor in the eyes of the Rockefellers. They financed the propagation of his religion ― a promoter of internationalism which uses brainwashing / recruiting techniques on members and are further being perfected by the New World Order.

They own a number of banking institutions and financial management trusts making them a very powerful and wealthy family.

3. The Rothschild Bloodline

This family is a descendant of Mayer Amschel Rothschild, also known as the “founding father of international finance”. Originally from Germany, he founded the Rothschild banking dynasty. But because of his business acumen and sound knowledge in finances, he became a worldwide name. The family is considered to be the wealthiest one in the history of mankind.

The British and the Austrian branches of this family hold elevated positions of nobility in the society. They were the pioneers of international finance during the industrial revolution of Europe, and were instrumental in supporting railway developments across the globe. The credit of successfully dealing with complex government financing for projects such as the Suez Canal goes to them.

The Rothschilds are worshipers of another god who is none other than Satan himself not to say a place is set for him at their table. They have been followers of Satan for many generations. The Rothschilds play an important role in the history of the Seal of Solomon (also known as hexagram, Magen David). This six-pointed star called Star of David was not a Jewish symbol till the Rothschilds began using it.

Arab Magicians, Cabalist Magicians, Druid witches and Satanists have used this symbol for ages. The family name Rothschild came into being after this symbol ― the red Seal of Solomon that was used by them.

This family is famous for their wealthy extravaganza and have built palaces all over the world. Being in the international finance and investment scene for decades, gives them a major political as well as financial clout in the elite society.

2. The Russell Bloodline

The family has several lineages from the New England families, William Huntington Russell being a prominent figure from this family, was the descendant of Rev. Noadiah Russell who is the founder and original trustee of Yale College.

William Huntington Russell is said to be the founder of the Yale University secret society Skull and Bones. He also served as a Connecticut Legislator from 1846 to 1847. He is also known for his active involvement in the formation of the Republican party.

With its tentacles spread out in the education system, this family is said to recruit potential bright and intelligent candidates for Masonic organizations.

1. The Van Duyn Bloodline

The family is linked with several Dutch noble families. The services and wealth dynasty of this family are still publicly unknown. It has an influential political presence because of the royalty factor.

Colonel. Edward S. Van Duyn was an active Unitarian Church member during his life. The church, he belonged to, has a deep association with Wicca. In 1933, Colonel Van Duyn founded the Planned Parenthood Center of Syracuse, New York. The Parenthood Federation was backed by Illuminati organizations to help achieve several objectives.

Their objectives are:

“To provide leadership, voluntary fertility regulation, including contraception, abortion, sterilization, and infertility services, sponsoring relevant bio medical, socioeconomic, and demographic research; developing training programs that educates people about human reproduction and sexuality.”

They promote their agenda all over the world.

About 900 centers in the U.S. with a 5,000 volume library on abortion, sterilization, and population control were established for this purpose. In 1986, Alan F. Guttmacher, one of their leaders signed the Humanist Manifesto, and the “Humanist of the year” award was given to the president, Faye Wattleton. Both detest Christianity.

Final Conclusion

The main reason for these families to be part of the powerful Illuminati elite is to have a strong and influential hand in all the political and economical affairs of the world. The main agenda of Illuminati is to establish the New World Order controlled by a few wealthy dynasties.

These top thirteen families stand eligible in terms of their financial, political, and historical background as they are associated with and belong to various secret societies and cult groups like the Council of Thirteen, Freemasons, The Skull and Bones, The Rosicrucians, The Elders of Zion, and Bilderberg. They have amassed a great deal of wealth as they worship Satan and help in the formation and maintenance of the cult groups practicing occult.

The Illuminati and its veiled members are truly a part of most debatable topics. Symbols are so prominent in this secret society that, to understand their true intentions, a deeper look into the Symbols of Illuminati is worth a try.