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How Parasitic Entities Invade Our Consciousness And The Collective Grid

Energetic exploration and spiritual development is a beautiful process.

Once the process begins, it’s an never ending journey of twists and turns with it’s fair share of unexpected experiences.

One of those experiences is becoming aware of the presence of parasitic entities beyond what many only understand as biological.

Just as we are more than a physical body, parasites exist in energy form as well. And they can wreak havoc on one’s experience of awakening.

In today’s video, I wanted to take the intangible concept of spiritual parasitic entities and demonstrate on a biological level how they invade our personal consciousness and the consciousness grid of Gaia, mother Earth.

Having visuals can help us anchor in the knowledge and understanding at deeper levels, assisting us when someone comes to us for further explanation of what might be happening to them.

Knowledge is powerful so long as it can be shared in a way that many can understand.

So today, I try to bring this etheric concept into our physical understanding – not just for you to understand but to be equipped in passing the info on as well.

The more we understand how to maintain our spiritual hygiene and prevent such invasions, the stronger our collective shield becomes.

Archonic Spiritual Enslavement of Our Species — The Matrix Farm

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