How You Can Use Your Intuition to Create Miracles in Life

This hidden power of your mind is lying unused. If you can utilize even 1% of it, you can create miracles in your life.

After the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, I went and saw that except humans and domestic animals which were confined, no other creatures were dead. All animals, even the fishes, had sensed Tsunami well in advance and migrated to safer places.

Human beings are the most evolved creatures. Our intuition should be better than other animals. What has happened to us?

We, the so called 21st century human beings, try to predict things based on small amount of data. Even if there are a million entries in your ‘excel sheets’, it is negligible in comparison to the enormous data we have been storing in our mind through millions of years of the process of evolution.

The functionality of our mind that computes this enormous data is called intuition. It’s like a software, an app that computes thousands of years of data.

Why is your intuition app not working?

When your smartphone starts hanging, the technician tells you that there is not enough RAM in your phone. For instance, if you have 1 GB RAM in your phone and you are running 100 apps in it, your phone will start hanging. Your apps will not work smoothly.

You need to delete or disable some of the apps and free your RAM.

Equivalent of RAM in your mind is Perception.

If you want your intuition app to work, you need to free up your perception. How? By disabling some other apps in your mind that are consuming your perception. You will be surprised to know that you are running thousands of apps in your mind all the time.

Lets look at them.

There is an app in your mind that tells you who is your family and who is not. This app has all the data related to your interactions with your family.

There is an app in your mind that tells you which is your country and which is not. At the mention of your country’s name, this app pulls out all the related data.

There is an app which shapes your opinions about people, there is an app which holds your likes and dislikes with things, there is an app which defines your fears, there is an app which holds your prejudices, and so on.

In short, all these hundreds of apps collectively make you who you are. These apps are so integrated with you that you can’t imagine yourself without any of them. They seem to be in-built apps. They keep running in the background all the time and consume all your perception.

You know that in-built apps in your phone can’t be deleted but they can be disabled.

Similarly, in-built apps of your mind can’t be deleted. If you delete them, you lose your identity, you become ‘Shunya’ or nothingness.

But the inbuilt apps can be disabled temporarily to free the perception.

Once in a while, even animals disable all their apps to let their intuition app function which can predict big dangers like earthquake and Tsunamis.

But we human beings keep thousands of apps running all the time. So, our intuition app fails to run.

If you can disable these thousands of app even for a few seconds everyday, your intuition app will be able to run and guide you in your life.

Your intuition ‘app’ is very powerful if you can get it running. You can use it to solve problems in life, to detect flaws in your plans before they become failures, to recognize and seize opportunities, to meet right people who can make your life better, to predict questions before they come in exam or interview, to better your relationships, to influence people, to orient your body energies towards health and happiness, and so on.

Do an experiment. Before going to sleep, read chapter 3 of Immortal Talks book-1. The name of this chapter is ‘Describing the Indescribable’. This chapter is as interesting as a bed time story. Beginners may have to read it multiple times to start the cleansing process.

Going through this chapter is like a meditation. It will automatically disable all the unnecessary apps in your mind. Even if 1% of unnecessary apps get disabled, lots of perception will be freed and your intuition app will start to function.

Not everyone can understand the secret revealed in this chapter. To prevent misuse, it is described in such a way that you cannot understand it without reading chapter 1 and chapter 2.

These two chapters will detach you so much from the world that there will be no greed left in any corner of your mind. Then it is safe to read chapter 3. When there is no greed, this secret can’t be misused. And when there is greed, this chapter can’t be understood.

If you haven’t read this rare book even once, you should read it fully before exploring the depths of chapter 3. It’s a very small book of 6 chapters. It’s hard to get this book in any store, but you can order it on Amazon.com.

The author name is ‘Shunya’ which means ‘nothingness’ or ‘emptiness’ because this book is authored by monks who don’t identify themselves with any name.

Reference: Medium.com