One Person Signing Up For ‘Veganuary’ Every 8 Seconds

The charity – which supports people as they try a vegan diet throughout January – says 2019 is set to be its biggest year yet

by Maria Chiorando

One person is signing up for Veganuary every eight seconds.

Veganuary is a charity which encourages and supports people around the world as they try a vegan diet.

Earlier this year, the organization said it expected 2019 to be its biggest year ever, with signups expected to hit around 300,000.

Vegan 2019

Now Veganuary has revealed someone is signing up to take its January vegan pledge every eight seconds.

“This is incredible news,” a spokesperson said. “Our goal for 300,000 sign-ups this Veganuary is creeping closer and closer thanks to all your support.”

Staying vegan

According to Veganuary’s CEO Simon Winch, the majority of people who do the month-long pledge stick with a vegan lifestyle.

“Our research from our 2018 Veganuary Participants Survey suggests most are sticking with it, which is great news,” he told Plant Based News.

62 percent of respondents said they intended to stay vegan, of whom 82 percent said that going vegan was easier than they expected. We’ll need a few years’ more data to get a better feel about the longer term conversion rates of people taking the pledge and remaining vegan, but the signs are very encouraging that the campaign is really effective at helping people go and stay vegan for the long term.”

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Vegan support

“This year we’re working hard to improve the quality of the support we provide to people after they finish their month trying vegan – to help those that want to stay vegan to continue their journey,” he added.

“We’re also planning some exciting new campaigns to recruit and support new vegans during 2019. Developing the ‘support’ side of our work helps turn a month-long commitment for our pledge participants into one that can last for a lifetime.”

You can sign up for Veganuary HERE.