Survivor of Elite Child Sex Slavery Discloses Her Incredible Escape (She Was Scheduled to be Killed)

One of the reasons that first-hand information about the true nature of elite Satanic ritual abuse and pedophilia is so rare is that child sex slaves are destined to be killed off – brought to the chopping block, in the case of Anneke Lucas and the elite Belgian pedophile ring she was ensnared in – once they were no longer useful to the network and their continued existence posed a threat.

What makes it all the more remarkable that Anneke Lucas was removed from the butcher’s block mere moments before she would be killed was the fact that those in the network who knew her as intelligent, defiant, and powerful – even at the age of eleven – must have had some concerns that at some point, she may recover enough from her trauma to expose the network and its heinous Satanic practices.

After all, she had been trained to understand the nature of the desires of these men, desires that she came to see as grounded in childhood trauma and the inability on the part of these men to grow up emotionally or to feel any real connection with others.

The video clip below from CE’s exclusive 4-part interview with Anneke being launched on January 17 describes a portion of the training she was forced to go through:

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Her Escape

One could argue that her knowledge and her innate psychic strength was ultimately, if indirectly, what saved her. One of her last perpetrators, a young man who had both been intensely intimate and immensely violent with her over the course of an atypical year-long relationship, was done with her.

The perpetrator she called ‘the gangster’ felt their engagement had ‘reached its zenith,’ and indicated that she shouldn’t look to him for any help.

He welcomed whatever fate the network, who no longer had any use for her, now had in store for her. In response to his indignation, Anneke was able to look at him defiantly and somehow enter into a ‘psychic lock’ with him in which she angrily projected the thought ‘I don’t need you!’ As Anneke explains more vividly in the interview, this experience seemed to have a noticeable emotional impact on him.

However, by this time Anneke had already been ushered to a handler, the sadistic ‘butcher’ who would perform the final act. Anneke was put on a butcher’s block that was blackened by the blood of the many children that had come before her.

She began getting tortured by young children who were being forced to participate against their natural instincts with small implements like fish hooks and penknives. The handler had just ordered a young boy to retrieve a cleaver to chop her foot off, and this is what happened next:

“…and then the door opened, and I’m thinking, now there’s the boy with the cleaver, now they’re going to hack off my foot, but it was somebody else, it was one of the friends of the Boss, who said ‘It’s over.’

And the handler was in disbelief, he said ‘No, you can’t be serious.’ He [Boss’ friend] said, ‘Yup, that’s it. You can all go.’ And the handler said ‘She’s gonna give us trouble.’ He had no power there, so he and the children left…

“I was taken to an office, there was the Boss of the network, the gangster, the friend who had stopped the–who was like a lawyer type–and the girl, she was there, this girl was maybe 9 years old, 8 or 9, I think 9, I hadn’t seen her before, but I remember what she looks like.

“Now, the Boss of the network starts to speak, and he says ‘You know, so you were saved, you were let go, but we don’t just do that here, you can’t just leave, someone has to die. So,’ he said, ‘is it going to be you, or is it going to be her?’ And that was the girl.”

What happened from this truly life and death choice she was forced to make is a most extraordinary set of experiences that saw Anneke get through this final ordeal and on a path to freedom. I feel you will only be able to get a full understanding of these experiences by listening to Anneke describe them in the interview.

Suffice it to say here that the only reason that she even had the chance to be free at all was because she had evoked some true connection with the perpetrator she called ‘the gangster,’ who would pay dearly for his ‘sign of weakness’ within the network, as she describes here:

“I noticed that the gangster had always gotten a lot of respect and I noticed that they were sort of derisive of him, not caring so much about him, they were sort of laughing at him, and I immediately noticed the difference… I overheard men saying that he had sold his life, and for what? For that little whore?

“And I just started to question him and I realized that he made a deal while I was being tortured, he made a deal with the Boss that he was going to work for them, work for him, as his left-hand man or whatever, he was going to be at his service so he lost his power in the network because he became a servant of the Boss, for my life.”

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