ISIS Terrorist Got 12.400 € in Social Benefits and Nursed Back to Health in Austria

ISIS fighter Azad G, an Austrian citizen with Turkish roots, received social benefits while he was recovering from a gunshot wound in Vienna in 2014.

During his 14 month long stay he received a total of 12.400 Euro in social benefits. That’s a total of 885,47 Euro per month.

Peter Hacker, a politician of the Social Democrat Party informed tabloid ‘Krone’: “Legally we had no way of action because the Intelligence Services did not inform us.”

Azad G. also visited apprenticeship classes and was treated multiple times for his injuries in Vienna. He was recently arrest by Kurdish militia in Syria.

The ISIS fighter and self proclaimed victim complained in a Facebook video that he had been tricked into joining ISIS and wanted to home to Austria into a humane legal system.

Michael Ludwig (SPÖ), the Mayor of Vienna, asked the responsible agencies to check the case and those agencies have begun the process of stripping Azad G. of his Austrian citizenship.

Originally from Turkey he and his family arrived in Syria in 2013 to fight for ISIS.

It is unlikely that he will be extradited to Austria as the Foreign Minister Herbert Kickl of the right-wing Freedom Party of Austria has made it clear that it makes no sense to bring him back.

“Potential perpetrators, victims, possible witnesses and all evidence: Everything is there in the region, none of it is in Austria.”

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