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This Over-Sexualized Comic Book Can Be Found in the Kids Section of a Government Public Library

I used to believe over-sexualization was a problem exclusive to the entertainment industry. At this point, we all expect music videos and movies to be riddled with sexual objectification. I don’t like it, nor do I think it’s normal, though I do expect it.

Never would I have thought that one day, I’d find a 9-year-old girl in the children’s section of a library, holding a comic book filled with inappropriate and over-sexualized imagery. Worst of all, it wasn’t a mistake. This comic good is marketed for kids.

I explain the full story in the following video blog, where I reveal more shocking images of the French Canadian comic book called “Les Nombrils,” which means “The Bellybuttons” in French.

Seeing a child I care about exposed to this kind of content not by accident, but because some governmental entity judges it as appropriate for them, made me realize just how severe this problem has become.

Throughout their entire childhood, children are bombarded with sexual messages, day in and day out, at lightning speed from nearly every direction. Now, it turns out we have libraries to worry about too — the one place I still assumed would have somewhat of a more positive influence on the youth. (…)

Although this situation is very alarming to me, I’m far from being a defeatist. I made this video not to scream doom and gloom, but to remind ourselves of our power in choosing who and how we want to be in this world. Humanity is filled with goodness and although we need to be aware of the problem to stop being a part of it, we most importantly need to be part of the solution!

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Source: Collective-evolution.com (excerpt) / Reference: YouTube.com