Why Satanists Love Abortions

Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on The Satanic Temple:

A recent article in the Los Angeles Times about The Satanic Temple said the organization “describes itself as a political activism group that promotes certain beliefs such as free will and political tolerance.”

Satanists believe in free will and political tolerance? That inspired me to check out their website.

What I found was surprising: The Satanic Temple is obsessed with abortion. Its mission statement says it offers “legal protection against laws that unscientifically restrict women’s reproductive autonomy.”

So critical is abortion to these Satanists that they have a “Religious Rights Reproductive Rights Campaign”: it advocates on behalf of the so-called religious rights of Satanists to campaign for abortion.

The Satanic Temple has a list of legal restrictions on abortion that it finds objectionable: they range from ultrasound tests that allow the mother to hear the heartbeat of her baby to mandatory waiting periods.

They also seek to undermine crisis pregnancy centers. So zealous are the Satanists in their quest for abortion rights that they oppose burial rights for the remains of children who have been aborted. To say they love abortion is hardly a stretch.

I decided to engage The Satanic Temple on this issue. Here is the email exchange:

Q: “I’m curious. Why is abortion such a big issue for Satanists?” [Nov. 13]

A: “It isn’t abortion per se, it is personal freedom.” [Nov. 13]

Q: “But if the personal freedom of a woman to have an abortion results in the wholesale denial of personal freedom for her baby, how is that a victory for liberty?” [Nov. 15]

A: “Because it isn’t a baby.” [Nov. 15]

So there you have it. A pregnant woman who, unless interrupted naturally or unnaturally, will give birth to a baby is not carrying a baby.

Two years ago, Pope Francis called abortion an “absolute evil.” And he never heard of The Satanic Temple.

The testimony of former satanic High Wizard, Zachary King

According to former satanic High Wizard, Zachary King, who performed around 150 abortions (including at high profile abortion facilities), the reason why satanists want abortions to be legal up to term is because they want to be able to kill babies legally, as offerings to satan, when casting spells. 

“My first question was, “is that legal?” The response was, “Yes it is, as long as it’s in the womb. As long as the baby is still inside the woman, you can kill it.”

“That’s how it was explained to us. It was also explained that, ‘You are killing a baby.” They didn’t say that we would be killing a fetus or killing some cells in a body. None of that. It’s a baby.

“In satanism, killing something or the death of something is the most effective way of getting your spell accomplished.

“As far as trying to get satan’s approval, to give you something that you want, killing something is the best way to go. Killing something is the ultimate offering to satan, and if you can kill an unborn, that is his ultimate goal.” — Zachary King, former satanic High Wizard

Life Talk interviewed Zachary King on their show:

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