My Favorite 9/11 Evidence: The Curious Case of the Pentagon Taxi Driver

When it comes to showing absolute proof that 9/11 was a staged, psychological operation conducted on the American people by its government, this has become the ace up my sleeve. 

People who swear I’m a crazy conspiracy nut watch this, and their jaws drop.

Most of them, if they recover healthily from the heavy psychological blow, become researchers themselves – not just into 9/11, but into our government’s entire history of secret dealings. They become awakened. They understand that if one 9/11 event was staged, it was all staged.

Some of you might already know about this, and to those who do, kudos for doing your research. But for those of you who don’t, let me start with a few key details.

This deals with the alleged plane flying in low & level, and crashing into the Pentagon in Arlington, VA on the morning of September 11, 2001. On that morning, there were a number of key “eye-witnesses” who gave first-hand testimony to the media in order to help sell the event to the masses.

On that day, perhaps the most widely-covered eye-witness account on mainstream networks was that of Lloyd England, a DC cab driver who happened to be driving by the Pentagon at the time of the event.

He told the reporters that as he was driving by, a large airplane soared overhead and, flying at almost ground level, began clipping the 240lb street light poles that cover the Pentagon grounds.

The first of these, according to Lloyd, crashed violently into his cab’s windshield, and the car came to an abrupt stop with the light pole hanging out of it.

Thankfully, Lloyd was unharmed, but as he stated in his many interviews with the media that morning, if someone were to have been riding in the cab with him, they certainly would have been killed.

Lloyd says that soon after the incident, a “white van” came along and a “silent stranger” helped him pull the pole out, and lay it on the ground.

Here is the famous photo of the cab and light pole with the Pentagon burning in the background:

A group of researchers took interest in Lloyd’s story in the mid-2000s. They interviewed him countless times, and his story seemed to have some details that just didn’t add up. So they dug deeper.

If you care to watch the long version of the Citizen Investigation Team’s look into Lloyd, you can find it here:

Watching Lloyd’s behavior when confronted with image evidence after he changes his story is highly disturbing, and without a doubt points to him as being part of the cover-up.

For those of you who want to see the bombshell evidence moment:

When the interviewer’s camera was turned on, Lloyd stuck to his story 100%. Even when shown evidence proving inconsistencies in his story, he remains stubbornly adamant that he’s telling the truth. However, Lloyd is older, and not very tech-savvy. When he does not realize he is being recorded, he admits that “It was planned”.

Lloyd and the interviewers are riding in the car near the scene of the crime, and Lloyd, unaware that he is being recorded, says:

“Do you know what history is? It’s not the truth–it’s ‘his-story’. I’m not supposed to be involved in this. This is a big thing. This is a world thing. I’m not supposed to have nothing to do with this. This is for people who have money and this sort of thing. That’s not me. I’m a small man. I ain’t got nothing.”

Interviewer: So you’re saying the people with the money, this is their event

Lloyd: This is their thing

Interviewer: So they used you?

Lloyd: I’m in it

Interviewer: But that must mean that they planned this..

Lloyd: It was planned

At this point, you probably want to see for yourself. No problem:

Everything You Should Know About the 9/11 “Conspiracy Theory” in Under 5 Minutes: CLICK HERE

I would encourage all of you to watch the long version as well. Even if you don’t believe that Lloyd’s statements he makes in the short version are enough to prove that he’s part of the cover-up, his statements and behavior in the long version leave you with no doubt.

The reason CIT investigated the Pentagon event so much was that the government narrative and all the key “eye-witnesses” don’t match, eg. they all SWEAR they saw the plane coming from a certain direction, while the light pole damage says otherwise.

This is nothing our community doesn’t already know about. We know people are trained in how to give false testimony using details and emotion to help stage false flag events.

However, when someone who is not awake sees this video, you can almost watch the color drain from their face. It’s not a fun thing to watch, but it’s necessary. We have to wake people up if we are ever going to affect any sort of restoration.

Source: Reddit.com