NXIVM Whistleblower Claims Hillary Clinton, Gillibrand Involved in Sex Slavery, Trafficking, and Satanism

A whistleblower from the notorious NXIVM sex cult has come forward to share the depths of the evils that took place within the organization.

Frank Parlato is a former publicist for the cult, and, during an exclusive interview with The Campaign Show with Patrick Howley, revealed the identities of some of the corrupt politicians involved in the group, among other things.

Parlato discussed the trial of NXIVM ringleader Keith Raniere and his close alignment with none other than Hillary Clinton, to whom he gave “illegally bundled money,” as Big League Politics described it, to her 2008 Presidential campaign.

He explains that the the cult routinely trafficked teenage girls from Mexico, who were then used as sex slaves and branded with Raniere’s initials.

And it very much seems as though there were many mainstream politicians who were aware of what was going on, and a few who may have even been participating.

Like the Senator from New York, Kirsten Gillibrand, who is running for president in 2020.

Her father and stepmother, who are also second cousins, were both closely involved with NXIVM before they got married. Doug Rutnik, Gillibrand’s father, worked for NXIVM.

Big League Politics reports that Gillibrand’s father worked as a broker between Raniere and then-New York attorney general Eliot Spitzer, who had been helping to “resolve” Raniere’s “financial problems with the state” according to another NXIVM whistleblower, Joseph O’Hara.

Meanwhile, Nancy Salzman, who was the president of NXIVM, acted as a personal “guru” for Gillibrand’s stepmother, Gwenn Belcourt, who it has been said got “hooked” on the cult – along with Richard Mays, a good friend of former President Bill Clinton.

Parlato also says that New York Senator and current Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is also linked to the cult, and was viewed by members there as a “friendly” ally in Washington.

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You can watch the whole conversation here:

There are too many coincidences here.

This sex cult is linked to the party that advocates for open borders, free abortions, and vehemently opposes Christianity.

“At the time I worked for them, I thought they were a little peculiar,” Parlato explained. “But it wasn’t until the end that I realized they were a downright evil group.”

Full copies of the court documents detailing the cult’s lawsuit against Rutnik, which Parlato shared with Big League Politics, can be viewed here.

“There are women on the record who are now adults who have accused Raniere of statutory rape and there are some very suspicious incidents where Mexican girls came under the perimeters of Raniere’s control and left under suspicious circumstances,” Parlato adds.

“They came from Chihuahua, Mexico. I reported this to the authorities.”

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