This is Why You Can’t Access Government Facilities While Out of Body

This is an official CIA document, you can read it in depth if you’d like but to summarize it states that they conducted experiments that allow employees to experience the fifth dimension by altered consciousness. This also includes out of body experiences.

On page 28 out of 29 you can see the steps they used. This is step K:

“Arrange to have groups of people in focus 12 state unite their altered consciousness to build holographic patterns around sensitive areas to repulse possible unwanted out-of-body presences.”

This is a document that was approved along with others for release and is on the the official CIA website. It is unquestionably a real document.

This proves that people who claim they visited Area 51 while projecting and were not able to get in or kicked out of the astral realm are telling the truth. The government knows about this, how could they not if the general public knows?

The document is available at this link: CIA.gov

Via: Godlikeproductions.com