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5G Antennas On Property Roof In Pennsylvania: Do You Want Them On Your House?

By Catherine J. Frompovich, author of Our Chemical Lives And The Hijacking Of Our DNA: A Probe Into What’s Probably Making Us Sick

How would YOU like to have apparent 5G antennas similar to the parallel arrays on the roof of the house below in Downington, Pennsylvania?

That may become an extremely scary reality IF and WHEN mass 5G rollouts spread across towns, boroughs, cities, counties and states across the USA!

Several questions MUST be asked resulting from the photograph above:

  1. What measurable amounts of RF millimeter waves are capable of being transmitted from each of those antennas?
  2. Can there be — or is there — a “cumulative effect” from both transmitters? If so, what is it?
  3. Where is the independent — not vested-interest, microwave industry, REAL scientific, not “consensus science” — PROOF any of the various GENERATIONS of microwaves, especially 5G millimeter waves, used in global commerce are biologically and physiologically safe for humans, pets, the environment, insect pollinators and birds, including weather manipulation, i.e., weather geoengineering, aka Solar Radar Management (SRM)?
  4. How will such 5G antennas affect neighbors, pets, birds and bees, and all life forms in general?
  5. Why do the Federal Communications Commission AND states regulatory agencies in the USA swallow “hook, line and sinker” outrageous vested-interest ‘consensus science’ rather than include in their legal considerations the literal thousands upon thousands of independent science studies proving RF/MM wave, non-thermal adverse harms to humans and the environment?
  6. Is 5G the ultimate plan for absolute control of the human race?

More reporting will follow as I get updates from those working to defeat proposed 5G legislation in Harrisburg. Pennsylvania is not an anomaly regarding activism to get VALID and REAL safety concerns answered.

Source: Email from Beverly DeCer Photo taken from train to Harrisburg, PA
for June 18, 2019 hearing on 5G House Bill 1400, which then was canceled
due to apparent negative protests against 5G.

Shouldn’t the FCC begin with obtaining the military’s science regarding 5G, its “weaponized microwaves” crowd control system?

Many thanks to Beverly DeCer, and all activists everywhere, who are shining light on the apparent 5G science fiasco about to be pulled off on unsuspecting high tech consumers.