The Rise of Radical Feminism Coincides With the Rise of the Violent ‘Incel’ (Involuntary Celibate)

by Susan Duclos

Something Else They Don’t Want You To Know: The Rise of Radical Feminism Coincides With The Rise Of The Violent ‘Incel’ (Involuntary Celibate) — Men Who Want To Terrorize Women

We have written a number of pieces the the toxicity of modern day feminism. The type of feminism that degrades men on a regular basis, pushes an agenda that “masculinity” is toxic and alpha men are somehow inherently violent, while encouraging men to become feminist beta/soy boys that wear make-up, skirts, and dresses or “gender neutral” clothing.

On top of all that, these same modern day feminists then refuse to date or have romantic relationships with those affected men, because, well… come on, who wants to date or have relations with “men” that have no backbone, look more like women and allow themselves to be dominated by the modern day feminist?

This has created a society or community to be more specific of unattractive beta soy boys that absolutely no one wants anything to do with, who now get together on online forums to bash women and celebrate violence against women.

They are called “Incels” which stands for involuntary celibacy, and some refer to it as involuntary celibate, or to be a little cruder and blunt because why not offer a description people do not have to go do a search to know what it means….. men that cannot get laid.

Incels are described as people who “adopt an ideology of misogyny, mistrust of women, and violence in response to their failed attempts at romantic relationships,” but that description, while accurate now, was not what Incels started as.

Via the leftist website Vox:

“The founding irony of the incel community is that it was created by a woman — and a politically progressive queer one at that. Her real name is Alana (she asked to keep her last name private), and she’s an artist and consultant based in Toronto.

“For much of her young adult life, she found dating terrifying: The rules were confusing, and she wasn’t even sure what to think of her own sexuality. When she was in college in the early 1990s, she began identifying as bisexual; she got into her first real relationship (with a woman) at age 24.

“The experience of finally entering the dating pool made Alana want to help others with her difficulties. So she launched a website called Alana’s Involuntary Celibacy Project, one of the earliest online havens for people who wanted to have romantic relationships but couldn’t.

“She spent a few years monitoring her creation but came to realize that she couldn’t be an authority for these people and wasn’t fixing their problems. Feeling both futile and a bit like she’d grown out of the incel world, she ceased her involvement in the forums around 2000.”

Bold emphasis mine, because the time range between the Incel community changing from one created by a woman, to help people learn to interact with others better, to a community that quite literally hates women, is important when compared to the timing of the start of the “third wave” and “fourth wave” of feminism.

The Incel community changed in the 2000’s, just a few short years after the start of the “third wave” of feminism which began in the mid-1990’s, as highlighted by the feminist website Fem Magazine:

This is how they describe the third wave of feminism:

“First, third wave feminism was influenced by academic criticism such as postmodernism and queer theory. This meant that third wave feminists were more aware of their use of language and compliance with gender constructs, leading to a centralizing of queer and other identities outside of the cisgender, heterosexual norm. For example, third wave feminism empowered trans individuals who were ignored by most feminists up until this point.”

Here is how they describe the fourth wave:

“Fourth wave feminism is not commonly classified as separate from the third wave because they share many similarities. It differs from the previous wave, though, because it prioritizes making feminist critique in public discourse through public spaces and social media. Body positivity movements, sexual assault awareness and slutwalks are all examples of how the fourth wave catapults feminism into the public spotlight through the hands of non-academics.

“Some believe the most defining aspect of the fourth wave is how it utilizes the internet and social media, creating a “call out” culture where feminists concentrate on micropolitics and everyday rhetoric online. An example of this would be the the #metoo campaign, which employs hashtag activism to spread awareness of feminist issues.”

Note the timing. Mid-1990’s feminists starting being influenced by “queer theory,” meaning influenced by the LGBT community, and the “gender constructs,” meaning gender identity, gender neutrality and other gender related issues which I throw under one umbrella and call it the creation of the “gender confused” generation, and the fourth wave is more recent as feminists started using social media as part of their activism, while the push to declare masculinity as toxic went viral throughout both the feminist and LGBT communities.

During these waves the Incel community went from being an online resource to help relationship-challenged people to a male dominated, woman hating forum that even the military is treating as a “threat.”

Via the military and veteran-focused digital media company ‘Task and Purpose,” we see that “Personnel at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland were recently treated to a threat brief regarding an “increase in nationwide activity” by self-described “incels.”

“The brief was first made public via a screenshot posted to the popular Air Force amn/ nco/ snco Facebook page on Tuesday. An Air Force spokesman confirmed the authenticity of the screenshot to Task & Purpose.”

“The screenshot was taken from a Joint Base Andrews Intel brief created following basic threat analysis on an increase in nationwide activity by the group,” 11th Wing spokesman Aletha Frost told Task & Purpose in an email.

The screen shot referenced that was shown during the briefing, below:

More from Task and Purpose:

“Several mass casualty events apparently tied to the incel movement have occurred with relative frequency in recent years starting in May 2014, when 22-year-old Elliot Rodger shot and killed six women in Isla Vista, California in “retribution” for years of romantic rejection that he detailed in a twisted, vengeful manifesto.

“Indeed, the screenshot appeared the day after Brian Isaac Clyde, a former Army infantryman who frequently posted memes that referenced the incel movement alongside anti-government conspiracies to his Facebook page, was shot by federal officers after he opened fire outside a Dallas, Texas federal building.

“The screenshot features a reproduction of an internet meme popular among incels known as “Becky vs. Stacy.” A derivative of the ‘Virgin Walk’ or ‘Virgin vs. Chad’ meme that contrasts awkward virgin incels against an imaginary hyper-masculine bro known as Chad, the Becky vs. Stacy meme purportedly reflects how incels judge women based solely on their physical features.”

Never being one to just take other’s words for something, I have spent the day on multiple Incel forums, and I can say without a doubt, the change from an online “support” community to angry, hateful, mean and self-pitying women-haters, is true.

One post called “[Backfill] Facts everybody needs to learn,” pretty much describes the lens they see the entire world through:

That post created on June 13, 2019, has 111 replies so far, and we will leave commentary about those “facts,” for ANP readers to address in the comment section.

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The bottom line here is there is no doubt that the time frame of third and fourth wave feminism, which has become more and more radical, fits the timing of the radicalization of the Incel community.

While we maintain that anyone that initiates violence on someone else is responsible for their actions, it is also indisputable that culture wars, and the liberal, feminist and LGBT agenda has affected certain online communities, and generally not in a healthy or good manner.

The more radicalized the feminists become, the more radicalized the Incels become.