Child Rape Victim Goes to Police for Help and is Tied Up and Raped by Her Detective

by Jack Burns

Instead of helping the victim, an LA County Sex Crimes Detective tied up and violently raped a 14-year-old girl.

Los Angeles, CA — Imagine finding out your daughter has been sexually assaulted and went to the police for help.

And then you learn the sex crimes detective investigating the case then went on to tie up and violently rape your daughter during the investigation. That’s precisely what Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Detective Neil David Kimball, 46, pleaded guilty this week to doing to a 14-year-old rape victim.

Kimball met with the family of the victim in late 2017, befriended the teen, and later tied her up and raped her. He then attempted to intimidate the witness and the family from coming forward, even threatening them at some point during the horrific ordeal.

Being a badge wearing police officer, the detective has already been given leniency by not being convicted for the more serious crimes for which he was initially charged. According to KTLA News 5:

“The former detective was initially charged with forcible rape against a minor 14 years or older while the victim was tied or bound.”

He was subsequently allowed to plead guilty to lesser charges of a lewd act with a child and unlawful sexual intercourse. He only faces a maximum of three years in jail and we at TFTP suspect he will serve even less time once he shows up to serve his sentence.

Ventura County District Attorney’s Office issued the following written statement concerning Kimball’s crimes.

“In 2017, while serving as a detective with the Special Victims Bureau with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for sex crimes in 2017, Kimball met with a 15-year-old victim when she reported being a victim of sexual assault. While investigating that case, Kimball befriended the victim and sexually assaulted her.”

Kimball’s sentencing will take place on August 8, 2019 at 9:00 am in Courtroom 12 in the Ventura County Superior Court. Based on our reporting of the habits of pedophiles, it is likely not the first time Kimball has sexually assaulted girls, and possibly boys, who were already victims of traumatic sexual abuse.

If you or anyone you know was molested or raped by a sex crimes detective in LA County, please contact the FBI with your story. It is highly likely Kimball has more victims who have remained silent until now.

Pedophiles often seek out positions of power and authority over children so they are in a position to abuse. Priests, teachers, coaches, police officers, counselors, and others are just some of the fields in which pedophiles will attempt to gain employment. 

Unfortunately, it’s not the first time we have reported on police officers using their badge and so-called “authority” to rape kids.

As TFTP has reported, a study exposed the startling fact that police officers are arrested about 1,100 times a year, or roughly three officers charged every day. Many of these arrests are over unspeakable sex crimes.

Police crimes are not uncommon,” the study’s lead researcher Philip M. Stinson concluded. “Our data directly contradicts some of the prevailing assumptions and the proposition that only a small group of rotten apples perpetrate the vast majority of police crime.”

Although nearly 60 percent of the crimes “occurred when the officer was technically off-duty,” Stinson wrote, “a significant portion of these so-called off-duty crimes also lies within the context of police work and the perpetrator’s role as a police officer, including instances where off-duty officers flash a badge, an official weapon, or otherwise use their power, authority, and the respect afforded to them as a means to commit crime.”

According to a report from WaPo, in cases involving allegations of sexual abuse, 72 percent of the officers were fired, and more than 80 percent resulted in convictions, the study found.

There were 422 reported cases of forcible and statutory rape, 352 cases of forcible fondling and 94 sodomy cases over the seven years of the study, which Stinson called “larger than expected based on the existing research.”

The data search turned up 174 examples of male officers arrested in cases of “Driving While Female,” in which women drivers were harassed or assaulted. About 82 percent of those cases ended in convictions.

Despite the high rate of conviction, the sentences handed out are insultingly low.

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