Lawsuit Likely to Expose Google’s Rampant Censorship, Prejudice, and Illegal Practices

by Justin Deschamps

A recent development in the James Damore lawsuit is likely to expose Google’s rampant censorship, prejudice, and illegal practices.

In 2017, Damore was fired for penning an internal memo that exposed the companies prejudicial hiring practices and corporate culture.

Big Tech is one aspect of the Deep State’s censorship and propaganda agenda — if they can control what people see online, they can control what people believe, which means they can manipulate your opinions, conversations and behavior. This is one way the powers that be maintain their control.

But exposing this to the public has been challenging, until now.
Recently, Google attempted to dismiss the case but was denied, opening the door for the discovery process to begin.

In a legal case, discovery is when both parties are given the opportunity to enter facts on the record, using the power of the court to compel testimony and gather evidence.

In simple terms, Damore’s defense team can subpoena Google for internal records, memos, and meeting minutes that clearly demonstrate the tech company’s bias and prejudice, along with the manipulation of search engine results that affect elections.

This is unprecedented.

In other words, the real culprit in the 2016 electron fraud was not Russia but big tech, and this case could expose that once and for all.

Big tech censorship and political manipulation is obvious to many yet difficult to prove without evidence, the very evidence likely to surface if the discovery process proceeds unhindered.

This development comes at a time when Trump recently began speaking openly about big tech censorship and manipulation, making this arguably one of the best moments in history for major Deep State disclosures to take place, ones that will help alert the unaware masses.