NXIVM Sex ‘Cult’ Connected to Unlicensed Child Care Facility, Politics & More Hollywood Stars

by Arjun Walia (excerpt)

A lot of focus is being put on the ‘NVIXM’ sex cult. Mainstream media is even covering it, but for some reason they’re doing a very poor job, and one example of that is their failure to mention the trafficking and involvement of children in this whole debacle. For those of you who don’t know…

Smallville actress Allison Mack was ‘outed’ for being a member of a sex cult and working in a management capacity. Apparently, Mack’s job was to lure women into the program under the false pretence of female empowerment and self-help workshops.

They were then convinced to sign up for a more “advanced program” called Dominus Obsequious Sororium, which required these women to basically turn their lives over to the leader, Keith Raniere. Dominus Obsequious Sororium is a quasi-Latin phrase that roughly translates to “Master Over The Slave Women.”

Raniere owns a company called NXIVM, which supposedly offers executive success programs, but clearly, that’s not the case. Raniere was also arrested in March 2018 in Mexico on charges of sex trafficking.

He stands accused of raping girls as young as 12 years old, imprisoning a woman for 18 months, child pornography, and more.

I recently published an article detailing how, according to PageSix, Mack’s place in the DC TV world may have played a role in one former member’s recruitment. A woman known as ‘Nicole’ recently testified in a Brooklyn federal court and revealed that Mack “took her under her wing” when she was on the brink of suicide in February of 2016, ultimately recruiting her into the group.

As Nicole revealed, part of what convinced her to join the group was Mack, who played Chloe Sullivan on Smallville, promising that it would lead to an eventual gig playing the DC Comics heroine Wonder Woman.

In her testimony, Nicole recounted a time when she was tied up and sexually assaulted within the group, as well as instances where Mack convinced her to turn over blackmail material for the group.

This included providing a sex tape and false letters of information about her family and an ex-boyfriend, who had become a prominent actor.

This is the type of thing that goes on within these groups.

In that article, I described how this case and the information emerging from it is how not only powerful people in Hollywood are being implicated, but also members of the global financial elite.

The article goes into greater detail on this, including highlighting more names, and provides more examples of this type of activity within the military industrial complex, politics, the financial elite and more. You can refer to that article here, as it is heavily sourced.

This article highlights what the mainstream media has failed to mention: the involvement of children in this scandal. Raniere was charged with raping children as well as being in possession of child pornography. And as most of you reading this probably know, not all information is disclosed to the public when it comes to these cases going to court.

What were their roles and involvement with the children? Where did these kids come from? Who was supplying them with the child porn? There are so many unanswered questions here that may never see the light of day.

Most likely, a few members will be put in jail and that will stop the questioning, but are these simply the ‘fall’ people?

According to one newspaper, more details came to light a few years ago that have yet to be covered by mainstream media:

The Miami New Times detailed some of these claims, outlining that:

“In 2015, Raquel Perera, wife of 17-time Latin Grammy winner Alejandro Sanz, debuted a school called the Rainbow Cultural Garden in posh midtown Miami. Speaking to Univision, Perera bragged that by immersing toddlers in as many as seven languages at once, the school would revolutionize teaching.

“Univision credited a New York guru named Keith Raniere with developing the unusual plan. Fast-forward nearly three years, and Raniere has now been outed as the leader of an alleged sex cult called NXIVM, which is accused of blackmailing women and branding them with flaming-hot irons.

“Last month, Raniere was arrested by the FBI on sex-trafficking charges; an Albany home tied to the Rainbow Cultural Garden has been raided by the feds, while British authorities are investigating a Rainbow-affiliated school in London.”

This is all very disturbing information. And it’s another example of ‘successful’ people being involved in this type of thing.

The school in Miami was shut down after the information was brought to the state’s attention. Florida officials said the school was not even licensed to operate.

“[The Department of Children and Families] has no tolerance for any activities that put children at risk, including operating an unlicensed child-care facility… DCF initiated a child protective investigation and ordered the facility to immediately cease operations this afternoon.” – David Frady, a spokesperson for the department (source)

Again, just as a reminder, Federal prosecutors in New York alleged that Raniere has had sex with underage girls, including one child as young as 12 years old. Who knows how many victims there have been and what’s really going on.

The Rolling Stone reported:

“There are strange political connections as well. Mark Vicente, a documentary filmmaker and former high-ranking member of the group, testified at the trial of NXIVM head Keith Raniere that Clare Bronfman, the billionaire Seagram’s heiress and alleged benefactor of the organization, approached him and a few other members of the group to help her make a contribution to a Clinton campaign.” (source)

Bronfman’s brother, Stephen, was also the biggest contributor to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s campaign.

Futhermore, actress India Oxenberg has been implicated, apparently she was “brainwashed” but who knows, that could just be a tool used to get her off the hook. Her mother is also an actress and her grandmother is Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia.

Strange connections to say the least.

The Takeaway

Human trafficking and child abuse represent the most untold stories of our generation, as they millions of souls every year, many of them being children. The International Tribunal For Natural Justice (ITFNJ) is one of many organizations to bring awareness to child sex trafficking. You can read more about that here, especially if you are feeling hopeless about this issue.

We are slowly coming to terms with the fact that this happens at elite levels, done by some of the most ‘prominent’ and powerful people. It’s time to talk about it, and it’s time to ask more questions. Let’s keep disclosure coming.

Anneke Lucas is an author, speaker, advocate for child sex trafficking victims, founder of the non-profit organization Liberation Prison Yoga, and creator of the Unconditional Model.

Her work is based off her 30-year journey to restore her mental and physical wellbeing after surviving some of the worst atrocities known to humankind before the age of 12. Sold as a young child into a murderous pedophile network by her family, she was rescued after nearly six years of abuse and torture.