Sweden to Deport 5 Imams Because They Are a Security Threat

Swedish Security Police have done a crackdown on Muslim leaders.

It started with Imam Abo Raad and his 34 year old son in Gävle who were taken in custody in late April. Both of them will now be deported.

Another Imam, Hussein Al Jibury, will also be deported.

Now Imam Fekri Hamad, in Västerås, who was taken into custody in early May, will also be forced to leave the country, according to Aftonbladet.

The 52-year-old was part of Abo Raad innermost circle and the imam launched a campaign to get him free. He wrote posts on social media and called for protests.

Moreover, 38 year old Viktor Gaziev, a Chechen, will also be deported.

During the year, the Swedish Security Police have acted against several imams in different places around the country.

The efforts made by the Security Police aim to get people who are a security threat deported.

This, in turn, can help to reduce growth in the extremist environments and this is one of several ways we work.

Reducing the growth of the extremist environments is crucial for the long-term reduction of the terrorist threat and contributing to a safe Sweden, says Klas Friberg in a press release.

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