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Whole Foods Sponsors Drag Queen Story Hour – Many of These “Queens” Are Convicted Pedophiles

The sick, twisted, agenda of the deranged Left has come full circle today as Whole Foods is now sponsoring a Drag Queen Story Hour event to indoctrinate children into pedophilia, transgenderism and perversion. 

A retailer that once promoted organics and clean food is now saturated in absolute filth, exploiting America’s children to be “groomed” for the pedophiles and perverts that are repeatedly linked to drag queen events in multiple cities across America.

Not to be forgotten, Whole Foods also completely reversed its 2013 promise to label the GMO status of everything it sells by the end of 2018. As Natural News revealed, the promise was a five-year deliberate lie by the dishonest Whole Foods Market corporation, which continues to sell contaminated products and GMO canola oil to its customers.

Not only are Whole Foods’ product offerings filthy from a food science point of view; its cultural indoctrination programs are rooted in filth and child “grooming” that prepares children to be sexually molested by adult perverts dressed as women.


Many of these “Queens” have been found to have criminal histories of pedophilia and child exploitation, yet the government is giving them access to children in libraries. The children are even encouraged to sit in their laps or lay on top of them, which can only be described as grooming

Which begs the conclusion that Drag Queen Story Hour is a front for pedophilia, grooming, and the indoctrination of children. 

Example: Drag Queen Who Read to Kids at Houston Library is Convicted Pedophile

Libraries are a place where parents take their children to read and learn. By placing grown men dressed as women (or transgender demons, in some cases – just as Baphomet) in these respected cultural venues, the Illuminists are trying to validate pedophiles and turn them into a respected pillar of our society. In other words, they are working hard to normalise pedophilia.

You can read more on these subjects HERE, HEREHERE, and HERE.

But this is only a small part of a larger agenda of sexualising children, which can only have one purpose: normalising pedophilia. The assault on our children takes places on all fronts:

– in public schools (more examples here and here
– in the news,
– in newspapers and online,
– in cartoons (more examples here, herehere and here), 
– on YouTube (more examples here, here, here, here and here)
– in reality shows (more examples here, here and here)
– in fashion (more examples here and here),
– in museums, disguised as artistic performance,
TEDx (twice!),
– in Hollywood,
– on Netflix

Parents, be wary of pedophiles lurking on social media! Grooming has tripled on social media in the past year.

NewsTarget.com reported:

According to records uncovered by MassResistance, William Travis Dees, one of these drag queens, is a current member of the “Space City Sisters” drag queen group. He’s also repeatedly volunteered as a “greeter” for young children at various DQSH events, as well as assumed other roles at these events that allowed him close access to underage children.

As it turns out, Dees has a rap sheet of heinous sex crimes that he committed against children as young as four that dates back as far as 2004. It was that same year, in fact, that Dees was convicted and jailed for committing sex crimes against not just one but four different prepubescent children, ranging in age from four to eight.

Dees also reportedly used different aliases for his various drag “characters” and “personas,” constantly shifting and altering who he was like a chameleon.

But wait, there’s more:

“A media spokesperson for the library confirmed one of the program’s drag queens, Tatiana Mala Niña (Tatiana “Bad Girl”), is Alberto Garza, a 32-year-old child sex offender. In 2008, he was convicted of assaulting an 8-year-old boy.” – Continue reading

Just check out this picture from the social media of one of these drag queens, James Gary Love aka “Cassi Nova”:

The message reads: “Feeling cute, might lure some kids into the sewer later, IDK.” – Read more HERE.

And the government is giving them access to your children.

The Mayor of Atlanta endorses the pedophilia grooming of children

The pervert / pedophilia event has been endorsed by Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, who is obviously virtue signaling her support for transgenderism and pedophilia in order to appease the social justice perverts on the Left.

Here’s her tweet proudly announcing the event and thanking Whole Foods for supporting it:

We want to thank our friends at the @ATLHawks, @AtlantaFalcons, @WholeFoods, @GABeverage and @atlantapride for partnering with us for Drag Queen Story Hour.

Thank you for your commitment to a welcoming, diverse and inclusive Atlanta. 🌈 #OneAtlanta pic.twitter.com/S5lSfErJ73

— City of Atlanta LGBTQ Affairs (@COALGBTQ) July 1, 2019

If you shop at Whole Foods, you are supporting pedophilia and child exploitation

It’s an inescapable conclusion: If you shop at Whole Foods, you are supporting pedophilia and child exploitation. That’s what the corporation apparently supports and endorses. If you want your children to be drooled over by fat slob pedo men dressed as women, then keep buying overpriced GMO canola oil at Whole Foods.

Rampant child abuse and sexual exploitation has now been normalized by “progressives” on the left, who claim they are doing all this for “love.” They claim sex with children is “loving” and normal, and that if you oppose it, you are full of hatred and intolerance.

Pedophilia, according to the deranged Left, is now “diversity” and “inclusiveness.” They’re also working hard to make it a “sexual orientation”. And you’ve got powerful corporations, mayors and politicians all supporting it.

Oh, and not to be outdone by Whole Foods, Facebook also published a survey asking whether pedos should be allowed to use Facebook to “solicit sexual pictures” from underage girls. As reported by the NY Post:

Facebook is under fire for publishing a stomach-churning survey that asked users whether pedophiles should be allowed to solicit “sexual pictures” from underage girls.

The disgusting multiple-choice poll gave users the option to condone the sick behavior, allowing them to vote that the “content should be allowed on Facebook, and I would not mind seeing it.”

Maybe Facebook is buying its canola oil from Whole Foods. Both corporations are filled with sick, twisted, child abuse-minded corporate executives who apparently believe that normalizing pedophilia and child abuse is a great corporate strategy to attract more business from liberals and progressives.

Whole Foods has become the Jeffrey Epstein of the grocery retailing industry. If you support pedophilia and child rape, keep shopping at Whole Foods.

Sources: NaturalNews.com (excerpt); HumansAreFree.com