6.2 Million 3rd World Migrants Have Applied for ‘Asylum’ in Europe Since 2011

by Arthur Lyons

At least 6.2 million migrants from the 3rd world claiming to be ‘refugees’ have demanded that European governments give them ‘asylum’ since January 2011, official statistics published by the European Asylum Support Office (EASO) have revealed.

In July of 2019 alone, the number of “applications for international protection’ submitted in the 30 EU countries (EU member states plus Switzerland and Norway) amounted to close to 62,900, a 26 percent increase compared to the previous month, according to EASO figures.

During the period between January and July of this year, there have been 400,100 third world migrants who’ve applied for ‘asylum’ in Europe.

Upon further examination of the EASO reports from over the years, the full picture of mass immigration from the third world into Europe, or ‘Replacement Migration’ as the UN describes it, comes into crystal clear focus.

As per archived EASO annual reports spanning from 2011 to 2018, the total number of ‘asylum’ applications in Europe, per year, were as follows:

2011: 301,000 ‘asylum applications’

2012: 335,365 ‘asylum applications’

2013: 435,760 ‘asylum applications’

2014: 662,680 ‘asylum applications’

2015: 1,392,155 ‘asylum applications’

2016: 1,291,785 ‘asylum applications’

2017: 728,470 ‘asylum applications’

2018: 634,700 ‘asylum applications’

These figures, when added to the 400,100 asylum applications submitted in 2019, indicate that a total of 6,182,015 ‘asylum seekers’ have demanded that European taxpayers provide them food, protection, money, healthcare, and shelter, since 2011.

Upon further investigation into where these asylum applications are coming from, it’s not difficult to see that most of the ‘asylum seekers’ aren’t true and genuine refugees who are fleeing war – not by any stretch of the imagination.

For example, as per EASO’s figures, the top “countries of origin” for asylum seekers include Syria, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Iraq, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey, Colombia, Iran, China, Nigeria, Somalia, the Congo, Peru, India, Sudan, Eritrea, Haiti, Nicaragua, and El Salvador.

In the vast majority of these countries, there are no wars going on. And, even in the cases of Syria and Afghanistan asylum seekers, large portions of these states have remained under the control of the government and have millions of people who have continued to live there safely.

This inevitably begs the question as to why these so-called ‘refugees’ would need to flee across several safe countries to make their way to European welfare states?

The answer is simple: they don’t.

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