The Kennedy Bloodline: One of the Satanic Bloodlines that Rule the World


One of my first clues that the Kennedys had something to do with the Illuminati was the conspiracy book The Widow’s Son – The Historical Illuminatus Chronicles (Vol. 2) by Robert Anton Wilson.

Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea, authors of “Illuminatus!” are not Christians. On the contrary, they are regular participants in the central Ohio Starwood Festival for witches and pagans.

Robert Anton Wilson has publicly on a number of occasions explained that he is a gnostic and a great fan of Aleister Crowley.

I picked up Wilson’s book The Widow’s Son in a Satanic/New Age bookstore. In both volume 2 (the teaser chapter at the end) and in volume 3 of The Historical Illuminatus Chronicles one is taught the significance of Brian Caeneddi, the first Kennedy, and how Brian Caeneddi’s blood got into some very important royal bloodlines.

It is interesting that an informed man like Wilson, who spends time doing rituals with Gnostics and Witches, would declare that the Kennedy family is an important bloodline in connection with the Illuminati.

How many people knew that Tip O’Neil, speaker of the house of representatives, was a descendent of the Kennedy clan?

Wilson writes for New Agers and witches, not for Christians.

One gets the feel that his experience with the occult has somehow given him a very good idea of what is going on in terms of the Masons, the Illuminati, etc.

He writes his books in such a way that they are historical novels with a great deal of facts, and yet one is always left wondering by the style of writing whether the author wants to be taken serious or not, is what he writes make-believe or history padded with some fiction?

I personally believe it is just the way the occult works, they expose the facts for their own people, but in a way that will not be taken seriously by others.

Wilson acts like a buffoon one minute and a serious conspiracy researcher the next, and he will act both ways all in one article or even on a single page of his books.

When a person checks up on Wilson’s facts, they usually hold true. On my part the information about Brian Caennedi was astounding. I had to go as soon as possible to verify it from other sources, and it turns out Wilson was accurate about their genealogy, and their importance in the Illuminati activities historically, etc.


One of the chief lodges for the branch Illuminati prior to 1784 was located in a huge chateau at Ermenonville near Paris, France. The land belonged to the Marquis of Gerardin, who protected Rosseau and later gave Rosseau a tomb on his estate.

St. Germain presided over this Illuminated lodge. This Illuminated lodge carried out blood rituals with a altar made from human bones.

Interestingly, one of St. Germain’s good friends who came over from Ireland to Paris was Matthew Kennedy (1652-1735). Matthew Kennedy was connected with St. Germain’s court, and wrote A Chronological, Genealogical and Historical Dissertation of the Royal Family of the Stuarts.

In 1613, the Stuart family had married into the San Graal (i.e. Sang Real), and began to play a role in the genealogies of the Prieure de Sion. Frederick of the Palatinate after he married Elizabeth Stuart established an occult ‘Rosicrucian’ state. It was Frederick who helped start the bloody 30 yrs. war between the Protestants and Catholics.

The Stuarts spread the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry throughout Europe. For a while the Prieure de Sion seems to have backed the Stuarts, but at some point quit.

St. Germain is revered as a Christ figure by the I AM movement and the Church Universal Triumphant, and other new age groups.

A picture that looks similar to Christ, but which is actually a picture of St. Germain hangs in many of the houses of people involved with the I AM movement or its spin-offs.

It is significant that an Irish Kennedy who was interested and liked the Stuart dynasty would be part of St. Germain’s court and a popular writer for them.


If John F. Kennedy had not been assassinated and so much about his life examined and written about, a window allowing us to see the Kennedy Illuminati family may never have opened so wide. First, the assassination attracted attention.

In recent years, the Illuminati have given permission to publishing houses to print exposes of J.F.K.’s sexual life, etc..

It is believed that this permission was given in an effort to deflect criticism of his assassination by allowing his reputation to be tarnished.

(I hope my readers are beginning to realize that things are totally corrupt at the top, and that JFK was no different than so many others that have been and are today at the top of the political mess in this nation.)

John F. Kennedy had a very active sex life, even after he married Jackie, and even after he was President in the White House.

For those who don’t think secrets can be kept by the elite, one only has to look at how John F. Kennedy was able to have sex with many women while President and to have frequent nude swim parties at the White House pool and the general public not know anything about it.

John F. Kennedy’s lust for women was well known by the elite.

Illuminatus McGeorge Bundy warned his friend JFK (while JFK was a Senator) that John’s openness with women might get him into trouble with the public.

John F. Kennedy was so open about his sexual habit, that at one party at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C. John F. Kennedy openly had sex with one partner in front of the party, while his friend Senator Estes Kefauver did the same.

Then they swapped partners and began again in plain view. John F. Kennedy had many “one-night-stands” as the world calls them. These were merely women hustled up by his aides or the secret service or his friends like Frank Sinatra.

But Kennedy also had long term relationships with some of the women he was sexually active with. It is those relationships which reveal so much about the hidden Satanic side of the Kennedy’s.

John F. Kennedy had three long term girlfriends, Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, and Zsa Zsa Gabor which were ALSO girlfriends of Anton LaVey, who has headed the Church of Satan.

Jayne Mansfield was a high priestess of the Church of Satan. Marilyn Monroe was a participant in LaVey’s satanic rituals before LaVey founded his Church of Satan.

Anton LaVey and Jayne Mansfield as portrayed by Walter Fischer. Pictured are Mansfield and LaVey in the same religious ceremony at the Pink Palace.

Both JFK and his brother Robert Kennedy had affairs going with Marilyn Monroe, and both visited her just prior to her mysterious death.

Robert “Bobby” Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe and JFK

Zsa Zsa has been interested for years in the occult. (JFK also had relationships with other women connected with the Illuminati.)

Before we examine the significance of these three relationships of JFK’s, and before we get into his liaisons with other women who were Illuminati connected, let’s cover the relationship between Anton LaVey and the Illuminati.

California was very fertile soil for Satanism due to a host of factors. Two lesser known factors are that there were Haitian communities which practiced voodoo in California at the early part of this century.

Also California became a haven for witches and Satanists fleeing from France, South America, Cuba, and other places where their Satanic practices were not tolerated.

California had a reputation for acceptance of their evil rituals. When one adds to this such things as Hollywood it is easy to see how San Bernandino valley has become such a strong Satanic center.

Anton LaVey’s maternal grandmother was from Transylvannia. It was from that side of the family the Anton got some encouragement toward the occult.

Anton La Vey loved horror movies. He studied Aleister Crowley, and the O.T.O. which had lodges in California which is where he lived, and in 1947 he joined the Clyde Beatty Circus.

The Beatty family connects in with the Illuminati families also by the way. LaVey worked for several circuses and learned how to be a showman. He worked the occult sideshows of the circus, and found that people wanted to believe occult frauds.

Anton LaVey found Marilyn Monroe, a Jewish girl, working as a stripper in the strip clubs. LaVey helped her performance, and through his connections got her started on her big career.

LaVey used his talent of showmanship to create a type of Satanism that could be marketed to the public. LaVey always manages to walk a tight-rope between openly supporting hard-core Satanic practices such as human sacrifice and being just simply theatrics.

In other words, he blatantly supports enough evil to attract evil people, but he publicly never allows himself to be connected in any way with child molestation, human sacrifice, etc..

Anton LaVey was into Satanism before the 1960’s, but it was not until 1966 that he founded the Church of Satan. Some hard core Satanists feel he is “all show,” other hard core Satanists form covens and try to serve Anton LaVey, because they view him as a role model. The Illuminati set up their headquarters in Southern California this century.

San Bernadino county is their headquarters. Of course as I have written before that the Illuminati is too secret to carry out any thing themselves. They need co-workers. The Illuminati is strictly hereditary.

The Illuminati secretly control the Satanic cults at what is sometimes described as Stage 4 and Stage 5 of Satanism. The lower levels are for recruits, the grunts, the privates so to speak in Satan’s army.

In the San Bernadino area, one type of high priest of Stage 2 or 3 is the Master Counselor. Other positions include the Keeper of the Books, and the Keeper of the Seal.

In the late ’60s, Mike Warnke, who was a high priest, a Master Counselor, raised the number of Satanists in the first 3 stages to 1,500 members in the San Bernadino area (San Bernandino-Riverside-Colton).

Bear in mind that these 1,500 active Satanists are not Illuminati members — they are much lower than the lower Illuminati ranks such as the Sisters of Light.

The Sisters of Light and Five-Star generals and an Asmodeus who are the middle management types of the World Order who direct the upper levels of priests of the covens of Satanism that are open to the public.

Anton LaVey participates in conferences for the occult where Satanism (the first 3 stages) and secret Illuminati overseers are present.

In other words, LaVey is not out of touch with hard core Satanism, he just manages to keep his public profile clean. It is meant that way. Anton LaVey is a publicity agent to give Satanism a good image.


Anton LaVey knew how to be a showman. He took Marilyn Monroe, helped her with her acting and with his connections helped her get a chance to act.

John F. Kennedy had a long term relationship with Marilyn Monroe. When J.F.K. was elected at the convention to be the Presidential candidate the Kennedys threw a party at the convention.

The party was described this way, “every delegate (at the convention was provided by the Kennedy group with anything they wanted for their entertainment including liquor and women sent to their room.”

JFK spent the time at the convention and the next day afterwards “making love’ to Marilyn Monroe. After his acceptance speech the whole group went over to his close friend Peter Lawfords for a skinny-dipping party.

Peter Lawford, Frank Sinatra and Sammmy Davis, Jr. were close friends to each other and to John F. Kennedy.

Sammy Davis, Jr. became a member of the Church of Satan after LaVey started it. From the middle of 1955 to the end of 1959 JFK had a suite on the 8th floor of Washington’s Mayflower Hotel set aside for his extramarital affairs. (FBI File)

Lt. Col. Michael Aquino founder of Temple of Set (left), Sammy Davis Jr. (centre), Anton LaVey founder of the Church of Satan (right)


Last year, I read a book which was very well researched. It is entitled A Question of Character A Life of John F. Kennedy by Thomas C. Reeves.

The book does away with all the propagandas, media hype and lies, and tells the truth about the Kennedys. The book is well documented.

The author spent a great deal of energy trying to find out the truth about JFK. What emerges is not public image that is so well known.

JFK had only about a 119 I.Q., did very poorly in school, and could barely spell. JFK’s father had the wealth and connections to buy his son anything.

Although Kennedy had a back problem which made him almost crippled, his father got him into the Navy during W.W. II. When he was let in, the examining doctors looked the other way at his back problem (which plagued him his entire life).

Kennedy got a commission as a Naval officer without having to go through the normal channels of training and being commissioned. As a naval officer he did a poor job, and the great PT-109 story was far different than what the public has been lead to believe.

The fact that Kennedy let his boat be run over by a Jap destroyer was because he and his crew weren’t paying attention (sleeping, hungover etc.). Kennedy realized he might be court martialed for his negligence, but his father had the money to turn disaster into a story that made Kennedy into a hero.

Some of the things you will learn from the book follow. In the chapter The Founding Family we learn about PJ. Kennedy who was JFK’s grandfather. He dropped out of grammar school, but by the age of 25 he somehow had ownership of a saloon and a liquor business.

Later, he sold his liquor interests and went into banking. He also went into politics and via corruption was a successful politician. He won elections by hiring men to vote repeatedly for him.

Joe Kennedy remembered 2 Ward heelers proudly telling Joe Kennedy’s father who was on the election commission, “Pat, we voted 128 times today.”

Joe, PJ’s son, married Rose Fitzgerald. The Fitzgeralds were a mighty Italian clan that had helped William the Conqueror become ruler of England.

Honey Fitz was her father and he had a reputation for graft and vote fraud, as well as a not so secret notorious affair with a girl named “Toodles.”

Rose got her education in the Catholic Sacred Heart Convent which she completed a month before her 20th birthday. Her father was removed from the House of Representatives after voting fraud was uncovered.

Joe was acquainted with Roosevelt when FDR was only an Ass. Secretary of the Navy. Joe became an insider with the stock market, and knew how to manipulate stock prices to fleece the small fish that tried to play the stock market.

Various gangster reported that during prohibition they had smuggled illegal liquor into the U.S. with Joe Kennedy. Joe worked with David Sarnoff and his Radio Corp. of America.

Joe had an extremely varied sexual life; he had affairs with countless women, and his son JFK followed in his footsteps.

Joe bought a 15 room, nine bath home in Hyannis Port, Mass. on Nantucket Sound. This became a favorite summer home of the Kennedy clan.

He also bought a six-bedroom Spanish style house on the fashionable North Ocean Boulevard in Palm Beach, FL which became the clan’s winter home. Rose is described as ‘self-centered, stingy, prudish. and often spiteful.’ Her servants called her “madame”.

Rather than being the model mother that is pictured to the American public by the Kennedys, she was often gone. JFK told his mother off at age 5, “Gee, you’re a great mother to go away and leave your children alone.” As an adult, JFK confided to a friend.

“My mother was either at some Paris fashion house or else on her knees in some church. She was never there when we really needed her…. My mother never really held me and hugged me. Never! Never!’ Further, his father’s lack of respect for his mother led JFK to say, “My mother is a nothing.” (p.40)

Imagine growing up without a mother to hug and kiss you! JFK’s father ‘tolerated little nonsense and no disobedience.” (p.33)

The life JFK lived at home was not a life of compassion, but one of rigid obedience. The children were stripped of many things ordinary children would have. They didn’t even have their own rooms. (p. 41)

Most children have a room of their own sometime in which to place their belongings and nick-nacks. The few times JFK as a boy invited friends over, they were frightened to death at how his father would fly into a rage and give the Kennedy boys a tongue-lashing.

The children were not allowed to express pain. For instance, when one of the Kennedy’s were hurt and came to his mother for sympathy she ordered, ‘On your feet, now you know how to behave. Go out there and behave as you know you should.’

It is highly likely this strictness was related to some type of mind-control which even then was practiced by Satanic families. Joe had his daughter given a prefrontal lobotomy and then banished to a nursing convent. From then on his daughter Rosemary did not exist.

One wonders what the full story was about Rosemary. Was she sexually abused as is done to so many of the elite’s daughters of Satanic families? 

Felix Frankfurter who played such a prominent role with Charles T. Russell was a good friend of Joe’s.

JFK managed to hide from the public during his life the fact that he wore glasses, and also to some degree his intense back pain which hurt him intensely. On page 40 we learn that JFK was unable to ever have a self-revealing conversation.

JFK had a total lack of ability to relate, everything was very surface in his relations with people. 

He was very skilled at picking up women, and getting them to bed. And he had many good friends. However, he didn’t have the ability to love or relate to others. This is another clue that he may have had some type of SRA abuse.

On page 40, Reeves writes, ‘At the root of it were months of loneliness and their parents often selfish, insensitive behavior.” But I wonder if it didn’t go deeper. From what I know from informers it goes deeper and involves SRA.

JFK wasn’t even told of his brother Teddy’s birth, until he came home from boarding school and discovered he had another brother.

JFK was very unsuccessful at most everything he did. His father had so much influence and power that he could get his son out of almost any difficulty.

A friend of JFK’s recalled, “With Jack, nobody really admired what he did or respected what he did but they liked his personality. When he flashed his smile, he could charm a bird off a tree.”

At the age of 17, Jack went to Harlem to a brothel. Later, he nicknamed his sexual organ JJ.” Meanwhile his father was the chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and an informal adviser to Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt.

I might add here, that if you look closely you will find the Illuminati Kings are the advisers to the Presidents. I have mentioned some of these already, like in the article on the Bundy Illuminati family.

Another example may be found in the book The Old Boys: The American Elite and The Origins of the CIA by Burton Hersh. On page 41 of The Old Boys we learn that President Eisenhower’s Special Assistant for Cold War Strategy was Nelson Rockefeller.

The most dangerous situation this country has ever been in was the threat of the Russian military, and who was the primary advisor to our President Eisenhower during his term as a U.S. President during the Cold War? Illuminati King Nelson Rockefeller.

JFK went for one year to the London School of Economics according to the story given the public.

Actually he went there for one month, didn’t do any academic work and came back home. But it is significant that his father tried to send him to a school in which so many of the elite have gone to.

JFK had help in writing and putting out a book entitled Why England Slept, who headed Time-Life and who was a good friend of Joe Kennedy gave the book good publicity in Time magazine, and his father bought between 30,000 to 40,000 of the books and stored them in the attic and basement of his Hyannis Port home in order to make Jack’s (JFK) book a best seller.

When JFK went to California in 1940, one of the places he stayed at was with William Randolph Hearst, who is another Illuminati figure, at his coastal castle.

Hearst would give help to Kennedy later on too. When Kennedy ran in politics, Heart’s Boston American wouldn’t even accept Kennedy’s opponent’s paid political advertisements. Joe Kennedy worked for the FBI after W.W.II. (p. 59)

JFK’s favorite sister Kathleen, married William Harrington, who father was the tenth duke of Devonshire, a pillar of the Church of England (called the Episcopalian church in the US.) and a high ranking Freemason.

After marrying him, she had an affair with aristocrat Peter Milton, Lord Fitzwilllam. After Joe, Jr. died, JFK’s father started grooming JFK to become President.

After Jack was elected to the House of Representatives, his three best congressional friends were Richard Russell, Spessard Holland, and Robert A. Taft.

Notice that two of these are from well-known illuminati families, the Tafts and the Russells. By the way, the occult Tafts and occult Russell families have intermarried.

Because there is so much disinformation out about the people who run this country, it must sometimes seem rather bizarre that people like me come along and say there is a satanic conspiracy of great magnitude.

If Americans were as a whole critical thinkers and would challenge the propaganda that the controlled media gives them, then the false fronts and false public images of their leaders might not get written up so easily as history. There are not many critical thinkers in this nation.

There are a great many intelligent people, but not a great many critical thinkers.

A conspiracy of great magnitude has had this nation in its grips since the nation was founded, and the controlled press has managed to prevent the general population from finding this conspiracy out. The Kennedy Family has played a role in that conspiracy. JFK gave his life to that conspiracy.

The assassination of JFK is one of the best ways to introduce Americans to the conspiracy. Ralph Epperson who gives talks/slideshows about the NWO to groups likes to use the Kennedy Assassination as a method to get people to realize that there is a NWO conspiracy.

Interestingly, Ralph Epperson, had as a companion for a while without knowing it, an active Monarch slave who helped him give presentations. It is difficult for those exposing the NWO to get away from being infiltrated.[1]

The Monarch mind-controlled slaves are very difficult to detect, especially since most people don’t even know that they exist.

[1] The co-editor of this on-line book talked to Epperson and he denies this and says the woman was an SRA victim and thought herself to be some government project, but not a Monarch victim. [editor’s note]