The Terraforming of Planet Earth, and the Planned Annihilation of Humankind

Based on the urgency of the revelations that are now undeniable, I’ve decided to go public with information that shows Earth is being terraformed and prepared for a “post-human era.” At the same time, humanity is being mass-poisoned, indoctrinated and driven to cultural suicide.

This is all part of the planned genocide of human beings and the occupation of planet Earth by non-human biologicals which need a colder planet, a collapse of plant life, dimmed sunlight and lower oxygen concentrations in the lower atmosphere.

(These are all goals of the so-called “climate change” narrative being pushed by Earth’s globalists, who are obviously working against the interests of humanity.)

Here’s Dave Hodges’ report: An “Unseen Hand” Is Governing Earth for the Purposes of Depopulation and Colonization

The Agenda

Over the last two decades, I have noticed a globalist agenda that is decidedly anti-human. Every lifestyle that promotes zero or negative population growth is promoted as desirable. While normal male-female sexual reproduction is strongly discouraged to the point of murdering babies as they are being born.

We also know that this globalist worship of lifestyle deviance coincides with the globalist agenda, for which there are many quotes, that the population of the earth must be reduced by 90%.

There is no question that when Mike says the planet is being terraformed, he is correct and the evidence is irrefutable. I have written and broadcasted the same terraforming process myself and I have likened it to 1997 movie, The Arrival starring Charlie Sheen.

The following interview with Mike Adams picks up at this point. Potentially, this may be the most important interview ever conducted on the CSS. Forgetting that I was involved in the interview, I listened to the interview as soon as I published it and I was enthralled by what Mike had to say.

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Watch the full video here: