5 Signs You’re Being Poisoned Every Day

Earlier I posted a blog uncovering the dire truth that we are exposed to upwards of 80,000 toxinsevery single day

These poisonous toxins build up in our bodies and can lead to extremely dangerous medical conditions.

Oftentimes, the effects start off small and seem unrelated to toxins. 

Here are five signs that you might be experiencing toxic overload:

1.     Stubborn weight gain.
If you’ve gained weight or found it difficult to lose, toxins could be to blame. Many types of toxins store in your fat cells or increase the size of fat cells, making weight difficult to shed.
2.     You feel like you can’t focus on anything.
Most heavy metals are neurotoxins, meaning they have a major impact on cognitive function, leading to lack of focus, memory loss and overall brain fog.
3.     It takes you twice as long to get over a cold.
Toxins put an enormous strain on your immune system, ultimately weakening it and leaving you vulnerable to catching whatever is going around, and then making it even harder for you to shake it.
4.     You’re lethargic yet have trouble sleeping.
Toxins like pesticides and flame retardants disrupt your endocrine system which handles everything hormonal in the body. These disruptions can cause everything from poor sleep to fertility issues and worse!
5.     You’re on a collision course with a deadly disease.
Studies have shown that a large percentage of some of the most common fatal diseases like cancer and heart disease are a direct result of external factors, as opposed to genetic. Let that sink in. That means prevention can make a huge difference in the majority of these illnesses.
There’s no escape. Toxins are everywhere. They are in the food you eat, water you drink and air you breathe. That’s why it’s critical to find an effective detox solution that can eliminate toxins on a cellular level without causing harsh side effects.
After extensive research, we’ve discovered a little-known mineral that can do just that, and we feel compelled to share this knowledge with you IMMEDIATELY.