Dutch Farmers Stage New Revolt Against Climate Change Restrictions

Sick of being lectured by middle class city dwellers “who have two plants on their balcony.”

Farmers in the Netherlands are staging a new revolt against restrictions on livestock related to climate change, with one telling the state broadcaster how he is sick of being lectured about nature by middle class city dwellers “who have two plants on their balcony.”

The demonstrations began earlier this month after the Dutch government announced that Dutch livestock farming should be slashed by up to 50% to meet commitments on reducing nitrogen emissions.

Farmers were irate after learning that the same restrictions would not apply to the aviation industry.

Demonstrators clogged up major roads and highways once again today, causing traffic jams across the entire country and leading to the Dutch army being called out.

Farmers are back for another big protest in the Netherlands. Thousands of tractors are driving on the highways right now and causing traffic jams across the whole country. This time not only the police but also the dutch army is trying to stop the #boerenprotest with roadblocks.

— Paploo (@Paploo968) October 16, 2019

“Last year you didn’t hear anything about nitrogen, and now suddenly it’s a mortal question,” farmer Micha Bouwer of the Farmers Defence Force told state broadcaster NOS. “These are all people in the city who have two plants on their balcony and say ‘nature is suffering’.”

Farmers also argue that their crucial role in food production is being overlooked and that they are being blamed for climate change.

— TA Hettinga (@TaHettinga) October 16, 2019

Court rulings recently made clear that the Dutch government must cut greenhouse gas emissions “in order to protect the life and family life of citizens” in the country.

Bij het station komen nog meer boeren uit Groningen aan. Publiek juicht toe: ‘BOEREN, BOEREN, BOEREN’ #boerenprotest #rtvnoord

— Martin Drent (@martindrent) October 16, 2019

The protest once again underscores how punitive restrictions, bureaucracy and taxes related to climate change hysteria are impacting working class and lower middle class people.

Middle and upper class Extinction Rebellion demonstrators have been clogging major cities for over a week demanding more of the very thing farmers in the Netherlands have been protesting against.

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