New Feminist Monopoly Game Gives Women Unfair Advantage, Because… Equality?

Equality of opportunity is a value that most recognize as a good thing, helping to neutralize unfair situations in society.

However, setting up the system so some people have more resources than others arguably hinders equality of opportunity. The new feminist monopoly game gives female players more starting money and rewards than male players.

What message does this send young women in an already arguably unfair world?

Here’s how the New Yorker describes it:

Women collect $240 when they pass ‘go,” while male players only get the usual $200 in the new feminist version of Monopoly. Would you play this? 🤔 pic.twitter.com/k7Ynsqp8JB

— Sunrise (@sunriseon7) September 11, 2019

The Misplaced Feminism of Ms. Monopoly

“This week, Hasbro, which sells Monopoly, announced the latest incarnation of the game: Ms. Monopoly. According to the press release, which makes no mention of Magie, the new title character, a smiling chestnut-haired woman in a blazer wielding a travel coffee cup, “is an advocate whose mission is to invest in female entrepreneurs.”

“The company claims that it’s the “first-ever game where women make more than men.” In this version, female players start out with nineteen hundred dollars in their coffers and male players receive a mere fifteen hundred. Women receive two hundred and forty dollars for passing Go, but men are stuck with the same two hundred dollars as in standard Monopoly.” (source)

Some will argue that to give women more to start with is fair, because, let’s face it, women have more challenges than men to work through.

Others will say that to give women more gives them an unfair advantage, which further entrenches the victimhood “I am lesser than” narrative. What kind of success can you enjoy in a game if you know you started off with more than other players?

So I guess this progressive new Monopoly-take is that women can’t win without preferential treatment and handouts? Way to be feminist. https://t.co/HYqd2iK588

— Annika H Rothstein (@truthandfiction) September 10, 2019

shit like this is why feminism has a weird rep amongst young people. we don’t want female monopoly characters, we want equal rights. we want every gender treated equally to one another. this just seems unnecessary and like a pisstake towards the work actual feminists do. https://t.co/3bXz4sQYQ7

— miisa 🍂 (@miisigh) September 11, 2019

This isn’t a “feminist version” of Monopoly. FEMINISM 👏MEANS👏 EQUALITY👏 pic.twitter.com/AGOSd1bwXH

— Lindsay Brennan (@lindsayebrennan) September 11, 2019

It’s a shallow form of success.

New Feminist Monopoly Game Gives Women Unfair Advantage, Because… Equality?

The comments online show the absurdity of an agenda that has gone too far:

Source: Stillnessinthestorm.com / Reference: YouTube.com