Transgender Activist Who Tried to Force Beauticians to Wax Male Genitalia Loses Case

Transgender activist Jessica Yaniv, who accused three women of “discrimination” when they refused to wax Yaniv’s male genitalia, has lost the case.

Yaniv filed complaints with the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal against the female aestheticians for their refusal to wax his balls.

He subsequently bragged about getting a cosmetics store shut down after it refused to provide the same service.

However, a Canadian official has ruled against Yaniv, saying women have the right to refuse to wax male genitalia.

“Human rights legislation does not require a service provider to wax a type of genitals they are not trained for and have not consented to wax. … There are differences between waxing the genitals of a person with a vulva and a person with a penis and scrotum,” said the deciding official in the quasi-judicial British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal.

However, “The 61-page decision implies that women will have to provide the intimate service to men if the Canadian licensing boards require cosmeticians to learn how to do the service,” writes Neil Munro.

Human rights lawyer Devyn Cousineau said he “generally” agreed with Yaniv that refusing to provide services based on their gender identity was a form of discrimination.

As we previously reported, Yaniv, who has been accused of being a sexual predator, previously tried to arrange a swimming session for girls as young as 12 where parents would not be allowed to be present.