Two Clicks Will Reveal What Google Tells Advertisers About You

Internet users can find out exactly what information Google thinks it knows about them — and then shares with advertisers — from their search history, including relationship status and even whether they have children.

Tucked away under the phrase ‘how your ads are personalised‘, the search giant reveals to users who have a Gmail account what information it has gleaned about them to share with advertisers. 

In just two clicks from a user’s Google account homepage — under ‘manage your data and personalisation’ and then ‘go to ad settings’ — it’s possible to see a long list of estimated interests and facts, including details on shopping habits, favourite sports and even the animals people might want as a pet.

Although Google doesn’t estimate age and claims not to estimate gender, it does use search history to mine an individual profile which helps advertisers target users in a more bespoke way.

Here’s how you can turn it off:

Access this link, log in with your Gmail credentials (you are probably already signed in), and turn off “ad personalisation”, as shown in the image below:

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