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George Soros: “Globalism Will Triumph Over Nationalism”

by Arthur Lyons

Although nationalism has made significant gains in recent years with Brexit and the elections of Donald Trump and Matteo Salvini, George Soros still firmly believes that globalism will ultimately prevail.

In a recent interview with the New York Times, George Soros, the Hungarian-born American billionaire, and globalist-in-chief said that nationalist-populist like Donald Trump are temporary aberrations and that globalism would soon vanquish nationalism.

For Soros, the rise of nationalism in Europe, North America, and throughout the globe is nothing more than a coincidence.

“I have to admit that the tide has turned against me, but I don’t think that I have failed,” Soros said during a separate interview with NPR radio.

“[Trump] is an aberration, and he is clearly putting his personal interests ahead of the national interests,” Soros told reporters from the NYT. “I think it will contribute to his demise next year. So I am slightly predicting that things will turn around.”

In the same interview, George Soros, who’s one of the largest donors of leftist parties in Europe and America, said that he believes Trump will lose in the 2020 election and that Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is “the most qualified to be president.”

Despite his warm words, Soros pointed out that he doesn’t officially stand behind Warren.

“I’m not endorsing anybody because I want to work with whoever,” he added. “I don’t express my views generally because I have to live with whoever the electorate chooses.”

Despite admitting that his internationalist agenda has become more difficult to implement due to the rise of nationalist parties throughout the globe in the past few years, the Jewish-American financier is still convinced globalism will prevail.

For Soros, the failure to implement Brexit is a clear indication that globalism is winning.