MP: Sweden Has Become for ISIS Jihadists ‘What Argentina Was for Nazis’

Moderate Party MP Hanif Bali railed against Sweden’s ruling party for letting jihadist fighters take refuge in the country, demanding that the government apologizes to people for not taking any action.

Bali made the comments in a debate with Green Party spokesman Rasmus Ling on Thursday. The outspoken MP criticized both the ruling Social Democratic Party and the Green Party for failing to produce legislation years ago which might have prevented the alleged terrorist influx.

“These [jihadist] trips have been happening for several years now, but you haven’t done anything,” Bali exclaimed, suggesting that it was already too late to take the kind of action necessary to handle the problem.

Currently, there are approx. 150 former ISIS fighters living in Sweden, 
none of whom have been sentenced

He also placed some fault on his own party, including former prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt. “Are you ready to take responsibility?” he asked Ling, suggesting that both he and his bewildered opponent look into the camera and apologize for dropping the ball.

“Sweden has become what Argentina was for the Nazis. Only, after World War II, they actually introduced retroactive legislation and got the Nazis sentenced. Had [the Swedish government] been in power then, no Nazis would have been convicted.”

Bali was referring to the fact that, following World War II, a large number of Nazi officials fled to Latin America to escape prosecution, suggesting that ISIS fighters on the run from Syria were being allowed to do the same in Sweden.

SVT, the same channel that hosted the debate, has reported that there are some 150 former ISIS fighters currently living in Sweden, none of whom have been sentenced.

Back in 2016, The Sun reported that “ISIS thugs returning home to Sweden are to be given free housing, a driver’s license and a range of tax benefits to ease their reintegration into European society.”